Can be God-husband and wife

Baptism is the second birth of the baby, but before God. Parents carefully prepare for this important event, carefully suited to the choice of godparents mother and father. Often the right choice is difficult because not everyone agrees to take on this responsibility. The Church says that to baptize a child any person, however it needs to become a true father the Holy spirit throughout life. Whom to choose for such an important title, and may become godparents, a man and woman who are husband and wife?

Godparents husband and wife: the opinion of the Moscow Patriarch the reasons for the ban

The main requirement of the Orthodox Church to those who baptizes a child they must believe, to live a Church life, to know at least the basic prayers («gospel» «our father», for example). This is urgently needed, in order they were able to fully carry out the role of the teachers for my godson. The fathers of the Church have to give the basic knowledge about the Orthodox faith, spiritual principles of human existence. If the recipients are people inexperienced in such matters, there are serious doubts in their original aspiration to become godparents.

Godparents are holding children in their arms

The Church strictly monitor the compliance with each condition, relative to the sacrament of baptism, and negative cases where people deliberately do not comply the rules. Acute with the opportunity to become godparents of men and women in marriage. On this account the Orthodox religion your opinion, which is worth looking in more detail.

According to the Orthodox canons, the husband and wife cannot become spiritual parents to one child. It is believed that they are one being in marriage. And if both will baptize a baby is wrong. This position is due to the fact that during the sacrament of baptism, the sponsors must find integrity in relation to the child, and if they are already spiritually United, the ceremony will not be recognized as valid.

Some priests are loyal to such a question and think: if the marriage was not concluded in the Church, this entitles husband and wife to christen one child, because their relationship is not sealed in heaven. To make sure we could be godparents, husband and wife, enlist the weighty opinion of the Supreme religious ranks and listen to what thinks about Moscow Patriarchate. View the video below in which a detailed discussion of the topic raised.

What says the Catholic Church

A newborn infant must be brought before God immediately after birth, to be cleansed from original sin to unite with the Church. So says every religion encourages christening at an early age. The process of the rite is almost everywhere the same: a baby is washed by the water of the baptismal font in the temple, reading the Liturgy, at the end wears the cross. Differ only in the requirements that allow or forbid the believers to do certain steps. The Catholic Church disagrees with the Orthodox on many issues, and the rite of the sacrament of baptism is no exception.

It all starts with the fact that parents come to Church for a couple weeks to discuss with the priest (priest of the Catholic Church) all questions on the preparation for the ceremony, to set a date to negotiate with those who will baptize the baby. The godparents in the Catholic religion endowed with important responsibilities in the life of a child which include the duty to take him to Sunday school, to prepare for religious ceremonies (communion, confirmation). Approach to the selection of godparents, it is doubly difficult and an important task for any believer.

The sacrament of baptism the Catholic Church

In addition to awareness and high responsibility of godparents in the Catholic faith has its own rules regarding the choice of spiritual father and mother. In accordance with the requirements of the Church, godparents can only be people who:

  • Believe and practice Catholicism.
  • With the baby no kinship.
  • Under 16 years of. If compelling reasons, the Dean can make an exception.
  • Catholics by religion, passed the rite of first Communion and confirmation (Begovaya). This rite of anointing, which is carried out, being in adulthood. So Catholics acknowledge that you have accepted the faith consciously.
  • Are not parents of the child.
  • Are husband and wife.

Married couple – one child godparents: superstitions and traditions

In the tradition of the Orthodox Church, a man and a woman who baptize the baby, enter into spiritual kinship. It is valued so high that no other Union is not that important (marriage including). There are several traditions in the Orthodox faith, which questioned the possibility of the baptism of other children for couples. Here are the highlights, where the spouses are forbidden to be godparents:

  • In the sacrament of infant baptism it is forbidden to participate to a couple of people if they were spouses. If this happens, then the marriage can not exist on a spiritual level: he will have a sacred bond.
  • Similarly, hosted the spouses has the right to baptize and the couple who intends to enter into marriage. Because during the baptism they will have spiritual unity (relationship), exalted above the physical, they will have to abandon their relationships for the benefit of not being a godparents.
  • A couple who lives in a civil marriage, is also not entitled to become godparents to a child, because first, such ties are condemned by the Church and are considered fornication.

The baptism of a child in the Orthodox Church

Despite these restrictions, there are cases when husband and wife have the right to baptize the children of the same family if they meet the other requirements of the Orthodox Church. To do this they need: the husband baptizes a child, and a woman more. That is, spouses can christen brother and sister (or blood brothers, sisters). If they do it separately, you do not lose the sanctity of your marriage.

If the baptism with godparents-spouses occurs due to ignorance, a situation can be solved only by the highest authority of the Church (the ruling Bishop). The spouses request the Archbishop to exit the situation. The result can be in such variants: the annulment of the marriage or the spouse is brought to repentance for sin committed unknowingly.

Whom do godparents

If you decide to have a child baptized, you must know the requirements and practices of the Church that it is forbidden to take the godparents (except husband and wife):

  • the biological parents of the baby;
  • a person who has not been baptized or do not believe in any religion (atheist);
  • the person who denies all the truth of the Orthodox religion;
  • if the one who baptizes, refers to the sacrament of baptism as a magical rite, and pursues its goals (in the pagan sense);
  • people who do not wish to become godparents for that child;
  • adoptive father or adoptive mother;
  • people who are in other denominations.
  • children under the age of 14 years;
  • monks and representatives of ecclesiastical dignity;
  • people whose views are beyond morality;
  • persons with mental disabilities;
  • women who survive the days of her purification period.

Who can take the godfather

Who can be a godfather to a child

When parents think of the choice of godfather for your child, they must be guided not only by its own considerations. It is necessary to observe all the religious rules, according to which godfather or mother can be:

  • His relatives – a grandparent, aunt or uncle. Perhaps it will be a big sister or brother who has reached the age of fourteen.
  • The friends (those in the child which you yourself is the godfather).
  • Godmother of the first child. It happens that a person already baptized in one family kid, but they had a second, and godparents took the same godparents, baptized the first child.
  • If the godfather is not, then it could be the priest who performs the rite.
  • A pregnant woman.
  • An unmarried girl with no children.

Dear parents, you need to understand that godparents have to choose a husband who not only take part in Church ceremonies, but really love the baby, will become for him a spiritual mentor for life. Answering the question of who is allowed to take the godfather, the Church is referring to a believer, responsible, conscious and loving to the rite found the correct meaning and ultimate purpose.

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