Brewer’s yeast with zinc

Brewer’s yeast is an excellent preventive tool and a valuable source of protein with natural vitamins. Scientists have long proved their benefits for the human body. For many decades, the substance is used as a source of amino acids and other valuable items.

Why the need for vitamins with zinc and brewer’s yeast

The Drug Is Yoko Mont

Brewer’s yeast contains protein, necessary for proper functioning of the body. This substance has great value, which is enhanced by the action of amino acids. Drugs has many positive qualities and is therefore widely used in the field of medicine. Brewer’s yeast with zinc have a positive effect on the human body, enhance immune system, help fight a variety of infections, increase level of efficiency.

This tool has almost no contraindications, therefore, may be taken without a doctor’s permission. Helpful brewer’s yeast:

  • if you break the process of digestion;
  • for removal from the body of harmful toxins with toxins;
  • to improve the condition of hair;
  • if much skin problem;
  • to accelerate the regeneration of skin cells.

Brewer’s yeast will help with proper reception. This Supplement should be taken at 5-7 grams a day, but no more. This tool is sold in almost any drugstore and does not require a prescription. However, before taking would be helpful to consult with a doctor to minimize the likelihood of deterioration of their own health.


Remedy for acne

Tablet of brewer’s yeast contains a set of valuable elements in its composition is a unique fatty acid. Vitamin PP is responsible for the process of peripheral exchange, so there is a saturation of skin cells with oxygen, nutrients weight. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps the tissues to get rid of free radicals. Skin regains elasticity, healthy color, natural elasticity.

The use of brewer’s yeast with zinc will help get rid of acne and to cure such skin disease like acne. Vitamin H is involved in the process of regeneration of epidermis cells, therefore there is accelerated healing of microcracks and other types of damage. A trace element such as zinc, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, is involved with the process of protein synthesis, interacting with the vitamin A that accelerates the regeneration of tissues. To achieve the same effect, provided that will be regularly used mask from yeast for acne.


Pure brewer’s yeast to add to the composition of different masks for hair care. But you can find in a drugstore special supplements (BAA) containing the substance that are intended for internal ingestion. If hair is dull, brittle or started to fall heavily, it is necessary to take supplements. Benefits and pills with zinc, but they should be prescribed by a doctor.

Receiving nutritional Supplements ensures the intake of all the valuable substances and elements that help restore damaged and weakened hair. The Supplement contains proteins that are broken down into amino acids, which are the basis for the cells. The active ingredient BAD source of building material for hair. The benefits of vitamins with zinc and selenium, but strictly prohibited the abuse of these drugs, not to provoke the opposite reaction.

For women

Brewer’s yeast for the skin can become an indispensable tool. They provide the intake of valuable elements, thanks to which not only improves the complexion and eliminates various types of rashes, but also speeds up the metabolism. To get rid of excess weight, you need to regularly take brewer’s yeast ECCO plus with zinc. This product provokes increase in appetite, but everyone entering the body products are quickly processed without remaining in the form of extra pounds. You can use brewer’s yeast is Evident.

Instructions for acceptance of brewer’s yeast with zinc

Varieties of drugs

The product will bring benefit to the organism subject to the right of reception. To achieve the desired result, you need to follow a few guidelines:

  • take brewer’s yeast Eco mon with zinc is allowed after a meal, but not on an empty stomach;
  • the packaging of Bud indicates the correct dosage, not to exceed;
  • if you will be natural brewer’s yeast, not supplements, for an adult the daily rate will amount to 2 tsp. of powder diluted in boiled water (1/2 Cup), and children 1 tsp. of the product dissolved in liquid (1/2 tbsp.);
  • the full course of treatment with brewer’s yeast can be 1-2 months;
  • this Supplement was adopted as a prophylactic adult dose is 1 g per day, and younger children – 0,25-0,5 g.

The cost

Buy brewer’s yeast for the skin can be almost any drugstore or online store, which presents a very wide range of products. Price supplements or living matter is in the range of 100-2000, the Cost can vary depending on composition and manufacturer. Before buying you need to make sure that the product quality and bring the body only benefits.

The videos about brewer’s yeast


Maria, 25 years: I Have problem skin, and with the onset of spring faced with the problem of pimples and acne, get rid of that very difficult. A friend advised me to try brewer’s yeast for the face, and after a week we got the first result. Skin condition has significantly improved, and after a month of the course completely gone pimples.

Anna, 30 years: as prophylaxis took brewer’s yeast for months. The result is healthier entire body, stronger nails, hair and improve the skin condition and has lost 2 kg weight loss.

Valeria, 28 years: due to frequent dyeing and the use of stylers styling deteriorated condition of the hair. Decided to take a course of reception of beer yeast, in parallel, and did Facials with the addition of this nutritional Supplement. After a month had improved the condition of the strands easier to comb.

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