BBQ grill for garden

The sun, fresh air, the smell of roast meat – that’s the real weekend! To make the process barbecue easy and enjoyable, you should acquire special equipment. A barbecue for the garden – not a fad, but a requirement of quality rest. What will it be – you decide. We consider several variants of grills, barbecue for the garden.

Fixed a BBQ for the garden

BBQ grill for garden

If you have the square footage and financial resources, it is possible to equip a stationary place where you can cook meat, fish and vegetables on the grill. Oven-BBQ for the garden – it’s a street version of the fireplace, made of brick, iron and other refractory materials, equipped with a chimney. Such a structure has advantages:

  • absolute fire safety;
  • the smoke in the chimney;
  • the possibility of using in any weather;
  • comfortable working place;
  • it is very beautiful.

Stationary stone BBQ grill for garden erected in the complex with a gazebo or other elements of recreation areas. Built on the Foundation, the brick structure should include the furnace, located at the waist of the person, the working surface for cutting and slicing, a room for storing firewood. Fire section equipped with various appliances (grills, skewers, skewers, etc.). In the area of the outdoor fireplace provides light.

Once built, stationary BBQ grill for your favorite garden will serve the owners for many years, to surprise, to delight with its design, collecting near the warm company, to have a good time. In addition to roasting meat, vegetables, fish, such a furnace perfectly good pot dishes: porridges, stews, sauces, risotto. If at the planning stage except the grill to provide Department for smoked products, the list of dishes will increase.

Portable barbecue grill for the garden

Portable BBQ grill for garden

What if the land your house is too small to build a stationary grill or anywhere in its construction is no means? The solution is to buy portable devices for cooking: barbecue, grilling, barbecue. Easy is impossible to do with brick construction:

  • you can take it with you into the woods to the river Bank;
  • you can move the grill under the awning, in the shade or in the sun;
  • you can quickly build, quickly extinguished;
  • portable grill you can borrow mate.

How to choose a grill for the garden

If you are thinking about purchasing a suburban grill, you will find that there are several types. Each is good in its own way. To choose, consider their scope, advantages and disadvantages. Thought-out purchase will give you maximum joy delicious with a minimum of maintenance chores is a portable BBQ grill. Depending on the type of fuel used for cooking at the cottage you can use three types of grills:

  • coal:
  • gas;
  • electric.

Charcoal Grill

To replace the usual for barbecues in the picnic arrangements increasingly include charcoal grills. They can be rectangular or round, but must be equipped with a grid for products. Unlike barbecue, grilling coal has a lid, with which it becomes possible to adjust the air supply to the fire. To use this design is easy and pleasant, would be coal.

BBQ grill gas

Grill gas BBQ

Invented to help small business, the gas grill was so convenient and practical that very soon began to be produced in domestic country. If you are in the country bottled gas available wood – please note this is a wonderful tool. Aluminum or stainless steel, one or more gas burners, a new technology that provides a constant flame intensity and gas pressure, the function of turbonegra will allow you to cook delicious food with pleasure.

Electric street BBQ

The least romantic, but the most hassle – free option-the BBQ grills that run on electricity. He serves wherever there is a socket and if grilled meat is more important than romance – the result will please you. Created for the street electric barbecue different from home large size and the presence of special devices. For convenience, the outdoor grill is equipped with a stand, flap in the wind. Preset frying modes that the meat, fish and vegetables were cooked evenly, stayed juicy, not burned. Electric grill is perfect for BBQ gazebo.

Indoor or outdoor

Electric grills are divided into open and closed. Models of open type have one working patterned surface, which is laid out products for frying. Directly below it is the heating element of the device. Closed models of grills called grill presses and constitute a double heating system with upper and lower heating plane, between which the food is cooked. Outdoor grills are cheaper, easier to care for, an indoor more versatile.

Barbecue grills from the best manufacturers

BBQ grill Napoleon

Napoleon is a canadian company specializing in the production of charcoal and gas grills, barbecue grills, and accessories. The best metal and absolute quality make Napoleon grills popular and prestigious. Thoughtful design, a cast-iron grate in the coal models and a unique system of ignition in gas grills are appreciated by consumers. Some models of this brand have a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

«Weber» – a US company that manufactures the grills of the same class. Weber sets the fashion in the market of grills, operating on coal and gas. Grills, stands, and other accessories are produced with all the errors of previous models. The result is the Weber grill is considered the most convenient in maintenance. Weber gas grill to heat up to 250 degrees will be enough 10-15 minutes.

In the best Finnish traditions creates their BBQ grills company «Lappigrill». It produces compact stationary charcoal grill-oven and built-in barbecue pits for outdoor stationary furnaces. Lappigrill comfortable and beautiful, have a unique design and perfectly serve for decades. Embedded box Lappigrill – the heart of your grill-oven, has tremendous opportunities for frying, baking, stewing, Smoking. Finns know a lot about cooking with fire.

The American company «Primo» produces became popular ceramic charcoal grills. This multifunctional device combines the functions of barbecue, smokehouse, bakery. The valves set the target temperature and regulates the flow of air. Beautiful, modern Primo grill will be the pride of your garden.

Where to buy and how much it cost

Meat BBQ grill

BBQ grill to give the world’s leading manufacturers can be quite expensive. A small charcoal grill economy could cost about 10,000 rubles, the device is more serious – 30,000 R. For a gas BBQ grill Weber will have to pay from 40 to 300 thousand rubles. The price of stationary Lappigrill depending on models – 100-200 thousand for the expensive purchase has not brought disappointment to buy a grill you need to have an official representative of the company.

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Pavel, 40 years:Buy a BBQ grill for your garden Weber coal. Use the firewood and prepared the charcoal from the store. Yet like the grill, the kitchen can vary. We love all sorts of sausages, chicken thigh. Not just plow go to the country, but also to eat outside.

Maria, 36 years:the Husband fired up the grill and opted for a long time. Offered different options, but we stopped for gas. Was not disappointed. Heats up quickly, works reliably, smoke no, I do not tolerate it. Used to be in the country always itself, and now my husband grills meat, and I walk the garden paths. So happy! Thank You Napoleon!

Nikolai Petrovich, 58 years:I Wanted to buy a grill at the cottage. Familiarized with the prices seemed expensive. He decided to build a grill, put the Stone can, the material is not very much. The project itself has developed, with bars, exhaust pipe. Built on the Foundation securely. Children and grandchildren are going to barbecues, praise, communicate mentally. Felt so good grilled me three times would cost.

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