As with a Megaphone on a Megaphone to throw the money

A wide range of services, convenience of payment using the mobile, speed of service became the basis for the sustainable growth of cellular subscribers. As with a Megaphone on a Megaphone to throw the money? Ability to receive another person’s financial resources when negative self balance or a small balance in the absence of any procedure for mobile recharge has become indispensable in certain situations. Being a pay service, transfer funds limited, is carried out within 10-15 minutes.

The service «Mobile money transfer with a Megaphone on a Megaphone

Transferring money from one phone to another

How to transfer money from one phone to another and what features of the operation:

  1. To transfer a certain amount is entitled only to a natural person who has concluded with the mobile operator contract for a service on a prepaid basis. Contract subscribers-legal persons do not have this possibility.
  2. To top up other account cell, you cannot use the funds accumulated through a variety of promotions.
  3. There are restrictions on transferred for the month of amounts and the minimum is 5 rubles.
  4. The possibility of replenishment of the personal account to another person is paid.

Activation services

Buying a subscription package operator, you automatically enter into a contractual agreement to receive certain services. Some regional offices offer this service as a standard: to transfer finances to another user there is no need to activate the function. Thus, the subscribers of Moscow, Moscow region, Peter have automatic access to throwing out funds on cellphones, friends or relatives.

The service of money transfer to another phone

If your regional supplier does not connected the ability to transfer Finance to another cell, there are 3 options, which help to trigger this functionality:

  1. Send one text message, typing unity to the room 3311. SMS is free.
  2. Call 0500. This call is free and you just have to wait for the connection with the free operator.
  3. Similarly, the opportunity to connect the «throw money with the number on the Megaphone» through the answering machine, following the recommendations of a voice menu.

After completing the necessary procedures, be sure to check the rest of money resources of the account. According to the tariffs, you will be able to send money with a Megaphone on a Megaphone, having a positive balance in the amount of:

  • 30 g. balance + amount of Finance that you want to spread to another room.

How to transfer funds from a Megaphone on a Megaphone


List of Finance using the «Mobile transfer» service you can quickly, conveniently. How to throw money with a Megaphone on a Megaphone? All customers that have a prepaid contract that wish to recharge your cell phone other individuals, you need to make a short USSD command by pressing the appropriate combination of characters: *133*xxxx*7 xxxxxxxxxxxx# and Call.

  • 133 code type of service the same for everyone.
  • xxxx – the amount of cash resources in roubles (it is typed integer), not more than four signs in connection with the set limit.
  • 7 xxxxxxxxxxxx – mobile phone number in international format where you want to make a payment.

Post-installation steps as with phone Megaphone Megaphone to throw the money will vary. If the sender and whoever they are, enjoy:

  • The same regional office of the company. You will receive a USSD message format from a service provider with a unique code, confirming your action. The text contains the following: «For translation xxxx 7 xxxxxxxxxxxx g. the subscriber need to dial *133 (or 109 for the Moscow region)*payment code#. Your actions are sending the request:

*133 (or 109 for the Moscow region)*payment code#.

  • Department of cellular and representing different regions. Transferring funds to another mobile, you will receive a message of acceptance to the processing requirements. Next, following the instructions received SMS, enter the confirmation number sent by the operator.

How much it costs to recharge another subscriber

Deciding how to translate with a Megaphone on a Megaphone funds, consider the fee for transfer of Finance:

  • Residents connected to the city operator in the Moscow region, to withdraw funds and lose a friend or loved one will cost 5, regardless of the amount of the enumerated resources.
  • Most of the other regional offices differencebut the value of the Commission from 2 to 6 percent, depending on the size of the transfer, but not less than 5 years.

How much is the maximum you can put on the account

The mobile service provider has set a limit of one transfer of financial resources, as well as the total volume for the month. The upper limit for those wishing to transfer money to friends or relatives, if you register in one regional office will be:

  • 500 g. a one-time replenishment;
  • 5000 p. – limit amount per 30 days.

The total size of the spread of money between subscribers located in different regions of Russia, is equal to:

  • 5000 UAH. to enumerate at one time;
  • 15000 p. – the maximum amount of replenishment per month.

The service of mobile payments «Money transfers»

Remittances are part of the overall service «Mobile payments», with which the unit cell is converted into an analogue payment wallet. It provides a wide range of services from payment of utility the possibility to withdraw funds using a Bank card or credit card. How to withdraw money from MegaFon account to transfer money to another subscriber of the operator?

How to transfer money from phone to phone.

Transfer funds from phone to phone SMS

Type the message text in this format and send it to the four-digit number 3116:

  • 9ххххххххх_пробел_хххх.
  • 9ххххххххх – subscriber’s number. Dial without area code + 7, + 8.
  • xxxx – converted amount.

After receiving a response SMS from the service provider, confirm your actions by following text instructions and reset came an SMS with a code operator. Wait for confirmation of payment and check the remaining balance of your phone bill. Received financial resources the recipient can only use to pay for calls or Internet.

How to send money through the website

How to send money through the website

The official website of the company offers integrated service of execution of money transfers to other users using a special form. Both the phone and the Megaphone on the Megaphone to throw the money using the online service:

  1. On the operator’s site click the «Transfer funds».
  2. Go to the menu item «Translate (transferred to another phone.»
  3. Select the «using the form on the website and follow the instructions.

As for MegaFon, check account after transfer from one phone to another

Want to find out what the residual balance in your cell after the transfer? Use one of the functionals:

  • Send a USSD request: *100# and press «Call».
  • Discard the message (without typing anything) at room 000888 or 000100.

Videotutorial: how to transfer money from a Megaphone on a Megaphone

Life throws different situations when a caller is not able to pay for the use of cellular communication in the absence of nearby terminals, salons of the operator or Internet access. Can help friends who thrown you a certain amount of money, using a mobile transfer. All necessary steps presented here will help to figure out how to transfer the necessary amount to another individual using a cell phone.

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