How do bailiffs find out debt

Indebted to the state not taken out of nowhere, so it’s important to pay for any administrative tasks. If this is not done, the debtor according to the decision of the court can visit the bailiffs and describe its property. Learn about debt are different methods for each.

Where does the debt to bailiffs

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If you forget to pay for certain services, has not made a payment on the loan or do not pay child support, a debt, which can bring the case to court. The court is not every debt, and the only one who has reached a certain size. Then if the creditor proves that his claim is justified, you threatened with the arrival of the bailiffs.

They are entitled by the court to describe and seize the property on account of debt, that does not look very nice. You will not be able to influence the process, but you have the power to check the debt from the bailiffs. This procedure can be performed without waiting for the court and problematic situations, and to avoid misunderstandings. The existence of the debt risk that not paying a Parking ticket or speeding, you will be permitted to travel abroad.

People can just wrap back to the customs office without paying for the material damage, because it’s his own fault for not recognizing in time the presence of debt. If by 2013, travel restrictions were imposed in the amount of 100 rubles, that after that date it has grown to 10 thousand roubles. If you think that such a large sum does not threaten you, remember that the debts quickly accrue interest and penalties, which together can amount to an impressive figure.

There is no single database of debtors of the Federal bailiff service, which includes a list of those individuals who owe the government a round sum but because the system is imperfect, to get into it, maybe a law-abiding citizen. To avoid such problems, it is recommended to check the presence of his name in the database and to correct an unfortunate misunderstanding.

Ways to find the debt from the bailiffs

There are many options, like bailiffs to know the debt. You can choose a case of performers, to verify the existence of the debt on the official website, or you can use the tips in city terminals. The choice of methods is designed for people of different social status and opportunities. So, elderly people prefer to apply in person, and the young – the Internet.

For finer information individuals can view of debt across all areas:

  • taxes through the registry of the Federal tax service;
  • traffic fines the traffic police;
  • loans through the Central Bank;
  • utilities – the utilities or the MFC.

To contact the service bailiffs

To solve the question of how the bailiffs to know the debt, the person is asked to visit the service performers. In person you can find out the presence or absence of debt, and source – fines, late fees or other options. To contact performers by place of residence approved days and hours. The disadvantages include inconvenient working hours and the presence of queues.

The calculation of money on the calculator

Check debt the FSSP on the official website

An alternative to verification of the debt through the service of judicial inspection will be the official website of the Federal bailiff service of Russia. When the computer or smartphone you can visit the site, with a search in the database of enforcement proceedings to find your name and ensure that no debt or its existence and causes. The search is carried out in the region, surname, name, patronymic and date of birth.

If the search falls the string «Nothing found», it is your duty or have not made to the database or not. If there is a positive result and availability of debt, people will see a table with all the data cases: number and date of institution, amount of debt, contact details of the bailiff. Then the debt must be paid, not to wait for the garnishment or deduction of penalty from wages.

To use public terminals

For residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg solution to the question of how the bailiffs to find out their debts, will be using public terminals. There you can find the traffic police fines, arrears, utility debts and in their place to pay by cash or card. Data on debt for rent, electricity, heat or gas in Russia is provided for the introduction of the name of the person and address register.

How to pay the debt

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Tax arrears can be dealt with the payment, which is made in several variants:

  • through the website Services;
  • for Moscow via the website Portal services;
  • through Qiwi terminal, but you need to know the number of the case;
  • via Yandex.Money or Webmoney;
  • online payment through mobile banking;
  • through the mobile phone account;
  • to print a receipt and pay in cash in the Bank;
  • using any ATM that accepts the card.

Information about debt payment is delivered to the executors immediately, it takes some time to collect it. To accelerate the emergence of evidence of payment and removal of the migration ban, contact assigned to you and the bailiff to present a receipt of payment. If you pay through the terminal, ensure that the payment information is successfully reached.

Videotutorial: how to find out tax debts

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