How to MTS to activate roaming

People who travel for work or just for fun, thanks to roaming can stay in touch with family and friends. The Russians have one of the MTS, the opportunity to use your mobile number abroad and within the country on favorable terms. This service helps to always stay online spending minimal amounts of funds. Those who plans for departure, the question may arise as to MTS roaming. Read on to learn more about services, the activation conditions, and prices.

What types of roaming offers, MTS

There are several types of roaming that can connect the owner of the SIM card from MTS. Some are designed for travel abroad, others across the country. Each mode has its own characteristics, which will be described in detail below. These tariff plans can help the user to save when talking with family and friends, being outside of the country or on the territory of other areas.

National intranet roaming in Russia and the Crimea

The territory of roaming of MTS Russia

People who use the tariffs of the Russian cellular operator, no need to take special steps to connect to the roaming on the territory of Russia or Crimea. This happens automatically when a subscriber leaves his home region and moving to the next. National roaming is part of the base tariff plan activation through communication with the operator, sending an SMS or logging in to your personal account on the official website is required. However, users of the network can be special discounts, if you connect to the following tariffs:

  • «Everywhere at home». The service will enable callers to feel comfortable during conversations with loved ones from other regions. Significantly reduced payment on-net calls, and calls to landlines. The network users will be able to send free a day up to one hundred SMS-messages, get free incoming calls, call long distance to neighboring regions (e.g. Moscow – Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg – Krasnodar and others) at three rubles per minute. The price of connection to their home regions the same.
  • «Your country». This plan is perfect for people who move to one of the regions of Russia to work or study. Service provides comfortable prices to the subscribers of the network, allowing you to contact loved ones at competitive prices. A rouble and a half will be paid by the user of the roaming per minute rate on the territory of Russia and CIS countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, etc.). The same cost to links with China, Vietnam, South Korea. For each call that lasts more than five minutes, the MTS subscriber will get one minute to present.
  • «Hometowns». The package is perfect for people who have many friends and acquaintances in other cities of Russia. If they also use the services of MTS, home towns give you the opportunity to save on calls significant amount. The cost of the call will equal the price paid per minute of call, the user home network. However, it should be remembered that the tariff is valid only when the person is in their region, carrying out a call. The service is MTS works on almost all tariff plans except the unlimited packages «Practical», «MAXI».

International worldwide

Girl who have activated international roaming MTS

Russian mobile operator provides its subscribers the ability to connect to cheaper roaming in the territory of foreign countries. This is especially true for those who are planning a long trip to Europe (Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Germany), warm countries (Egypt, Turkey, India, Israel). Cheaper calls and to those who sent in the near abroad – Belarus, Ukraine, the Caucasus (Abkhazia, Georgia), Kazakhstan. More subscribers will be able to make a small payment during travels in the Far East (China, Thailand, etc.). The types of roaming services:

  • «Easy roaming». This option is suitable for those who wish to use only the services of the connection head, going to the cities of Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa, etc), Belarus, Czech Republic, Finland and so on. People will be able to speak with relatives or colleagues, who call him on my mobile and landline numbers, and more on your own to contact them with outbound calls. In addition, the subscriber can receive messages from the MTS to the SIM card, but send them yourself will not work.
  • «International and national roaming», «international access». Until these packages have access to people who have signed a subscription agreement for not less than six months ago and spent on communication services more than six hundred and fifty rubles. Thanks to the international roaming subscriber can not only receive calls, use communication services on the territory of the country, but writing SMS messages to users from any region of Russia, to call family.

The cost and tariffs for roaming in 2015

Those who wish to enable roaming, you need to know how much this service costs in different countries. On MTS site there is a special calculator where you will be able to choose the territory where you want to go, and after your plan. Will be automatically calculated price for calls within the country and to Russia. Calculator helps you find out the cost of communications services almost all over the world map. Read below the special offers for MTS subscribers.

For calls

Husband free talking while roaming MTS

Once you have learned how to MTS international roaming, you should use popular services:

  • First, it calls on the territory of Russia a discount that the subscriber is typing in front of the number code *137*.
  • Second, the rate of «Zero without borders» – it gives people the opportunity for each incoming call to ten minutes roaming free (60. RUB./day).
  • Best service will be «Free travel» that allows the user network 100 rubles a day for an hour to talk on the phone, regardless calling him or Vice versa.

For SMS messages

Some prefer voice communication convenient, fast SMS messages. Special roaming of MTS, such as 50 or 100 SMS in Europe and the world, will enable the user for an amount from 250 to 700 roubles to correspond with family or friends. Payment is a lump sum, after which the subscriber is charged the specified number of messages.

For the mobile Internet

Internet traffic in roaming MTS

Those who can’t do without social networks abroad, like the tariff from MTS «BIT abroad». The cost of thirty megabytes per day – 300 rubles. This amount will be enough to check emails, reply to friends on instant messages. Rate is more suitable for people who are in an emergency situation, it is much cheaper and more convenient to use Wi-Fi at a hotel or café.

How to activate roaming of MTS for free

There are several ways to activate roaming before you travel abroad or in the territory of another state. Room service outside of Russia may be made through a free call to the operators at the following phone number +7 495 766 01 66. The company’s specialists will answer all your questions and help connect the appropriate roaming. What are some methods for activation of roaming tariffs:

  • Seek assistance from the office of the company. Before you travel take your passport and go to the office to prepare an application to connect roaming.
  • Send SMS to short number. Code SMS query runs services for easy roaming. To activate, type your message 2157, then send to 111.
  • With the help of USSD request. Thanks to the service of USSD-request, you will be able to connect all three types of roaming packages. Typed code differs depending on the selected package. So «international and national»– *111*2192#, «international access»– *111*2193#, «Easy roaming»– *111*2157#.
  • Call the technical support to the operator MTS. You can solve a roaming issue with the support of the company. To do this, type +74957660166, while abroad, or 8-800-250-0890 (in Russian).
  • Log in to «my account» and activate the desired option. You can make an online request through the computer, phone, tablet. To do this, go to the official website of MTS, go to «my account». There you can cancel the roaming charges.

How to connect special options MTS and call for best prices

Russian cellular company makes customers super offers that help to save on calls, mobile Internet, sending SMS messages. It’s such options as «Zero without borders», «Everywhere at home», «Easy roaming». They will help at the best prices to communicate with family, friends or colleagues. How to connect MTS roaming options:

A personal account of MTS subscriber

  • «Everywhere at home». Cost of registration is 30 rubles. Send a text message «3333» to the number 111, call the operator MTS, or use of a private office.
  • «The zero without borders». Login to your personal account through the official website of the company, call the call centre operator or send «330» via SMS to 111.
  • «Easy roaming». 111 send SMS-request «2157», call the operator or activate the service through the official website.

How to disable the option

Once you are in the MTS connected roaming, and the journey is over, you may need to block the service. Longer this procedure will take place, if you go directly to the office of the company, but on the other hand, the statement ensures that the final disconnection of the roaming package. You can turn off roaming, if you call the call center of MTS and explain your situation at the number 8-800-250-0890 (for Russia). SMS query to disable roaming services: «2220» to the number 111.

Video: the benefits of roaming from MTS

While abroad, the subscriber needs to make calls or write SMS to Russian numbers. The advantages of roaming in this case is obvious: by plugging it in, the subscriber will be able to save more than thirty percent for communication services. Operators MTS noted that when traveling in another country, it is advisable to disable such features of mobile phone like sending, receiving voice and MMS messages, mobile Internet update applications. Then the money for these services will not be deducted. Read more about the benefits of roaming watch the video:

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