As for the megaphone to redirect

Cellular operators have developed a service of call forwarding, which eliminates skipping important calls. How much is a redirected call Megaphone for incoming and outgoing calls of a subscriber and how to disable? You need to know all the details to carry out the procedure properly.

What is call forwarding on the phone


Very convenient service, due to the capacity of the operator and the telephone network: it allows you to redirect the call to any other number specified in the settings of your phone. Some settings depend on the manufacturer of the cellular equipment. Consider the main points, as on the Megaphone to make the correct forwarding to mobile or landline phone.

How to enable call forwarding to MegaFon

To get started is to learn how to Megaphone do the redirect using the operators independently. Call forwarding Megaphone to another number can be conditional or unconditional, for this purpose, a special list of codes. Allowed to use all at the same time. The basic modes and codes as on the megaphone to redirect:

  1. Unconditional (all calls and always) – 21.
  2. If the phone does not respond – 61.
  3. If the connection is not – 62.
  4. If the phone is busy – 67.

Set the type of the call:

  1. Any incoming calls – 10.
  2. Phone – 11.
  3. With Fax 13.
  4. When transmitting data (SMS) – 20.

Each notation is entered in a specific order. There are several variants of solving this task:

  • with the help of USSD-commands;
  • through the official website in the personal Cabinet;
  • on call operator for a free room.
  • approach the nearest office of MegaFon company.

Seek assistance from the office of the company

When there is no desire to understand the settings or confidence that all will be right, turn to the experts. The offices of MegaFon in almost all cities of Russia, the addresses can be found on the website of the company. Providing passport and if required a customer agreement, please contact the competent operator. He fulfills all the settings or via your own database, or through menu in the «Settings» or «Phone book». It depends on the phone configuration. Forwarding a Megaphone in the other room will be available immediately.


To call the operator MegaFon

How to set call forwarding to MegaFon through customer support? Call by phone 8 800 550 0500 (free from Russia) and +7 926 111 0500 (worldwide free). Adhering to the voice prompts, the procedure can take place independently or to wait for the response of the operator: it will give detailed instructions on connecting or clarifying questions after you activate the service. Basic information required for that:

  1. F. V. A. subscriber;
  2. phone number;
  3. the data of the passport;
  4. code word.

To use your personal account on the official website of the company

To log in to your personal account you need to register on the official website. The procedure is simple:

  1. Send request from your phone by dialing *105#.
  2. You will get a TEXT reply with the password to the personal account.
  3. To read the answer, enter the string in the username «phone Number».
  4. Enter the received password.
  5. Press «enter» to go to the page.

In the personal Cabinet:

  1. On the main page go to the section «Services».
  2. Select the tab «call Forwarding».
  3. Here you need to set «Type».
  4. Fill all the conditions (if necessary set the time).
  5. Click «Connect».


Call forwarding via USSD-commands

You should know how a Megaphone to do the forwarding, dial by means of USSD-commands. Network command (with phone capabilities) – **(service code)* (phone number)#. Unconditional call forward code «21» cancels all previously set codes services. Install conditions:

  • if there is no answer– **61*(number)# call;
  • if you cannot connect to the subscriber unit– **62*(number)# call;
  • when phone is busy– **67*(number)# call;
  • if you want to configure the time mode, the combination will be in the format **(service code)* (phone number) *(time)# call;
  • to check the settings of the service using the command *#(service code)# call;

The input format of the number you want to transfer the call (always in international format):

  • when using the city number 7 (city code) (phone number);
  • voice mail +7 (area code) 2000222;
  • the Russian operators of other networks (Beeline, or MTS) +7 (network code) (phone number);
  • you cannot install the service on the numbers operators: +7 803 +809 7, international.

How much is call forwarding Megaphone

Payment for the connect/disconnect is not provided. The cost of using the service is calculated taking into account the cost of the incoming call with the addition of the cost of the outgoing rate of the region. Some plans provide for special modes of service, so before installing additional numbers, consult customer service.


How to disable the service

To disable call forwarding to MegaFon – just like connect. You can use the personal account (on your own), call the operator or go to the office Megaphone. There are also network command to cancel:

  • to cancel a code: ##(service code)# call;
  • to cancel: ##002# call.

Video: how to make forwarding to MegaFon

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