As for MegaFon to send a request to call back

Wouldn’t it be great if your mobile phone has never run out of money! But often there are moments when you need someone to call, and on balance there is no required amount. How on the Megaphone to send a request to call back, do not know everything, so you often find yourself in an unpleasant situation. To avoid such problems, Megafone subscribers should know all the possibilities of mobile communication.

Please call on the Megaphone

The company offers through its different tariff options and the possibility to contact without money with another person. All services are so simple that any subscriber will be able to use them. Free feature «Call me» available to users of all tariffs as connected automatically. Starting with the option to work at a time when the client runs out of money for balance, as he tries to make a call. Then the recipient operator sends a message that he want to call.

How to send a request to «Call me back, please»

As for MegaFon to send a request to

As for MegaFon to send a request to call back? The operator provides its customers an additional service – the beacon allows you to send comrades SMS asking to call. If you don’t know how to throw a tracker with a Megaphone, you will learn the structure of the query that you want to dial on the mobile phone: *144# and then the number of the called user and in the end again put a grid #.

As a result of these actions the person will receive on your behalf a short text message asking them to call you. Confirmation that the request was made will be sent to your cell phone. The company Megafone is the only mobile operator in Russia, which allows to use the SMS-poor, not only within its own network, but also among other operators. Block light also have the opportunity. Although the option of a ban is not provided, you will be able to make the name of the person in the black list, then he will not send you SMS.

How to quit free SMS

How to quit free SMS on a Megaphone

How to send besplatku with a Megaphone, you already know. But do not forget that the company set a daily limit its use. Granted when SMS is exhausted, use other means of communication. On the Internet on the official website also have the opportunity to connect with the desired subscribers without money. To do this, go to the appropriate section, enter the phone number of the called person, type your text and specify your cell phone number.

On the website you will be able to see your balance, to learn and to find information about all the free services of the operator. You will also be available for any new action a Megaphone. For example, today started the service of «the Year of boundless love.» Using this rate, the user could take a year to talk with a loved one for free. The service is available from any laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

The service «Deposit account»

To replenish the account without additional fees easy in the «dashboard» through the official website of the operator. Balance can happen by using a auto payment, only need to bind Bank card to the phone. When the money runs out, you just have to put in the mobile phone the following combination of figures *117* amount #. Debiting the specified amount will occur to Bank cards automatically.

The team is «Expecting a call»


You can download online application «call Waiting» if you have Android. Using it, you will be connected with any balance. The downloaded application will allow you to inform the right contact about the desire to talk. There is another beggar in Megafone – your account other. To do this, please, dial the combination *143* (destination number)# and press Call. Friend will receive notification on how to make a wire transfer to your account. An SMS confirmation will be sent to your cell phone.

We’ll show you how to call at the recipient’s expense, when the money ran out. Unlike competitors, the company Megafone offers its customers the most thoughtful service, which does not require a good memory: enter this combination: 000 (the number of the desired subscriber), then press «Call». If the person confirms the willingness to speak for your money, the cost for the call will be deducted from his balance.

Video: how to ask for a call back on the Megaphone

As you can see, to throw a SMS asking to call is very easy, especially if you are a happy owner of Android, the developers have simplified the service. You don’t have to keep track of the balance or worry that at the wrong time will end. If you are still not entirely clear as possible for MegaFon to send a request to call back, you watch two instructional videos on the subject:

How to throw off the chime

How to send free SMS

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