As for MegaFon, to check the balance of minutes

Lack of communication leads to defeat the greatest generals on the field of battle and quarrels of ordinary lovers. The most popular mobile operators, care about the wins of their clients. But everyone needs to worry about himself, for example, to learn how to Megaphone to check the balance of minutes, traffic balance, because this company serves many residents of the Russian Federation from various regions.

How to find out your tariff plan MegaFon?

A service plan is a contract about the cooperation between mobile operator and customer. It stipulates the method of calculation are provided services fee, the cost of SMS and minutes of conversation, as well as additional services. Customers can check their tariff plan in various ways:

The husband learns from your operator's tariff plan MegaFon

  1. With the help of USSD-menu. It is warranted by the *105#, choose «My account», then in the dropdown list you need to find the «My rate», or you can dial *105*3# (the call, the screen will display the tariff plan.
  2. To use the services of auto informant, you need to call: toll free number 0505, follow the step by step guide, while the robot will not announce the item «Tariff plan».
  3. Customers who have registered on the site operator can log in to your account and find out all about your tariff plan. Registration is available to all customers at any time.

Ways to check the balance of moments and balance on the Megaphone

The company has developed many ways to communicate with customers so they can choose how many minutes you have left on the Megaphone or to check the balance. The company has created an easy-services for advanced Internet users, children who cannot remember a world without cell phones and even older people, it is difficult to comprehend innovation. Importantly, every client can find a suitable option.

Seek assistance from the office of the company

Any person who is not versed in the wonders of modern technology, will always get help at the nearest office of the company. To do this, he needs to show the consultant the salon any identity document. Staff will listen to all your questions and give a comprehensive answer, including you tell how many minutes you have left to teach you how on the Megaphone to find the balance in other ways. The company’s offices in Moscow, Siberia and the Urals, but they are not always located close to home, but there are other ways to find the information you need.

A woman checks the balance on a Megaphone in the office of the operator

Call the toll free number operator Call-center

If from far, then a call directly to the Call centre toll free number 0500 or from your mobile (+7 926 111 0500 for subscribers who are abroad) solve the problem. After that we just wait for the answer of the employee and ask all the questions. Perhaps, this may be enough to answer the question, as for MegaFon, check prepaid balance, but the consultants Call center is often very busy and not respond immediately.

Send SMS-message to short number

Among the ways to find out for MegaFon, the remaining available minutes request via SMS are one of the most simple and fast. After sending any text: 000100 room or 000888, the answer will come, where there will be a detailed transcript of the account status. But before you resort to this method, you should consider that some tariff plans the operator sent a TEXT message is paid. This service is enabled only in the home region, in other areas, districts or countries, to check the balance it is better to dial USSD-request.

Use USSD-request

USSD request – the ability to quickly check the balance of available services. Recruited 100# and press the call button on the mobile phone, after a few seconds comes the answer. Before to check the remainder of minutes on the Megaphone with the help of USSD-request, it is worth considering that there are options set additional information:

  • *111*1# – all the data about the discounts offered by the operator;
  • *111*2# – status of the account;
  • *111*3# – the number of available messages, Internet traffic and other services.

Go to the official website and use the system Service guide

The entrance to the Service guide of the Megaphone

Service Guide system on the website that informs you about everything related to the phone number, tariff plan and the remaining funds. Before a Megaphone to check the remaining free minutes you have to be authorized: to enter the personal Cabinet of the official website of the company. All the information which is used within the tariff plan is available the package will be displayed in the upper left corner of the page.

To register on the services page, just the username is phone number, password, the operator sends, after sending SMS to number 000110 or USSD-request *105*00#. To confirm your registration you need to enter the security code. After your registration you will not be a problem, as for MegaFon to check the balance of minutes, everything you need will display a Service Guide system.

How to obtain information about the balance of traffic on the modem

In our time the lack of communication with the Internet can be compared to the return to the middle ages. You can’t chat with friends, read the latest news or learn a new recipe. Not to be in an awkward position, keep in mind how to know the balance of traffic on the Megaphone. There are a variety of ways. For example, to use the services listed earlier, their operator provides all its customers so they could learn about the status of the account regardless of the service or tariff plan:

  • contact the office of the company;
  • to call the Call center;
  • to open a Service Guide;
  • if the world wide web is used by a mobile phone owner can submit a request: *105#.

Program to connect Megafon-Modem – is not just a service provider, it informs about the balance of traffic. After starting the program you need to open the Statistics tab and see how many megabytes were spent after the payment. No program shows the remaining traffic, it is calculated from the number obtained after the payment in rubles of resources, take the used megabytes.

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