As for MegaFon, disconnect the service Who called

Like any operator, Megafon offers many additional functions. One of them lets you know about missed calls received on a mobile phone when outside the network. In addition, you can listen to left messages. If you like the option is no longer needed, read the instructions how to deactivate the service Who called on the Megaphone.

Ways to deactivate the service Who called


The option itself is a machine. Those who cannot answer or when a mobile phone at a certain time is offline, a notification arrives. They will contain information about the subscriber’s name, time and number of calls. In addition, adding such paid service, you can listen to left messages. To do this, call on 0525. For calling free of charge. First time to connect this e-mail is free but reactivation is already cost – 50 g.

For the convenience of cellular subscribers, there are many options how to disable the service on MegaFon or other operator. First recommended to those who are not very friendly with Internet or mobile. It’s a trip to the nearest salon service customers of the cellular company. With them need to take a passport and preferably in this case, not to forget the mobile phone. Consultants can disable any function, be it voice mail, Megaphone or any other. Among other disposal methods are:

  • call service round the clock technical support;
  • sending a special USSD request or sms;
  • using a special combination of numbers and call to deactivate the service through the answering machine;
  • registration in the personal Cabinet (will help the company’s official website).

To disable USSD code

One of the options as on the Megaphone to turn off the Who called service is a USSD-command. Its dial like a normal phone number, then you only need to press the call key. As a result, the operator receives from you a request to disable a particular add-on. Each of them has its own code to turn it off. As for voice mail, Megafon, then it USSD request looks like this – *581*3#. Enter it on the telephone keypad, then make the call. Then wait for SMS confirmation of your request.

Send SMS-message to short number

This manual how to disable Voicemail on the Megaphone, very similar to that described above. Only here the removal request sent via a short SMS. It must contain special text and go for a specific number. For each add these options on your own. To disable the answering machine is also possible by this method. To do this, type the text «24», and is the recipient specify the following combination of figures – 000105. Ready, still waiting for a response about confirmation of changes in the set of services.


Ask for help to tech support

If methods as a Megaphone to disconnect the service Who called for help of USSD request or sending a text you do not fit, then use this instruction:

  1. At any time call technical support 0500.
  2. Use the tips of the system to communicate with a specialist.
  3. Explain to the counselor your problem and wait for the disable option.

To use your personal account on the official website of the company

Last option is how to disable Who called on the Megaphone, suitable for active users of computer and Internet. If you are, you will easily cope with the task. The method is based on a special system called the Service guide. To deactivate this method:

  1. Open a browser to the official website of Megafon.
  2. If you have not yet passed the registration of personal account, then follow the system prompts for the password.
  3. Pass authorization. Tab management options and disable unnecessary.

Videotutorial: manage subscriptions Megaphone

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