As for MegaFon, to validate subscriptions

The situation when a caller does not know about connected him to the mailings, and even to withdraw money, may be with SIM card of any cellular company. Their clients often don’t know what account number to withdraw money. The instructions below describes how on the Megaphone to test connected paid services.

Manage subscriptions Megaphone

Information on the operator's website

The subscription service is to provide the automatic sending of messages. They contain information on a particular subject, which the client has the right to choose for himself. Packages mailings include the following categories:

  • jokes;
  • entertainment;
  • music;
  • movies;
  • horoscopes;
  • weather;
  • quiz;
  • news sports and politics.
  • the currency exchange rate.

To obtain certain information easily using the official website of your mobile company, which was created specifically for this purpose. Address such It is possible to add something, and unsubscribe from entertainment information. In addition, these actions are carried out and using a special app or SMS requests. The type and amount of entertainment media is very diverse and the price can be very different on different mobile subscription Megaphone. Any of the methods just plug option to remove or even a ban.

How to check subscription at the Megaphone via a call to the operator

Operator call-center

To Refine the list of entertainment content SIM card any device be it a modem or a phone, this cell phone company offers several verification methods. The easiest way is to call the operator and talk to a representative. Specialist your question I have to answer the query. Here’s how the Megaphone to verify the subscription by calling:

  1. On the phone keypad, dial the numbers 0500.
  2. Press the call key and wait for an answer.
  3. Listen to the list of options using the keyboard, select automatic answer on your question, or connect with a specialist.
  4. Explain to the employee your problem and wait for an answer. The therapist can verbally describe your existing options, or he will send them to you as text messages.

Learn how to subscribe to the Megaphone via SMS

Girl sends SMS

The other way involves sending a certain text, and in two different variants. The first is to use a special application called a Service Guide, which helps to review all paid services Megaphone. It requires registration. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Send to number 000105 text «41», just remember to remove the quotation marks.
  2. When the match will receive an SMS code, enter that set of numbers in the application where started.
  3. In the menu, find the tab «Services». Select those that interest you.

Another way to access the «Service Guide» using a simple USSD request by dialing *105#. There is also a command of this type. Dialing by dialing *505# you will get reply message with the corresponding data. Another way of using SMS is more simple. It doesn’t need Internet and check in the system Service Guide. Recommendations to verify the following:

  1. Type in SMS, text «INFO» without the quotes.
  2. Send a message to 5051.
  3. Wait for a reply SMS with the list of activated subscriptions.

How to check subscription at the Megaphone via the Internet

Man sitting with laptop

Most mobile users today already have a personal account, to which all operators provide their clients. This is another way to view subscriptions on the Megaphone. To use this convenient feature, you must first register. Here you need the Internet. Typing in the search engine «private operator», you will see a lot of links. Open first one: you find yourself on the official website. Please sign in and locate the tab where you can view everything that’s been added.

Is it possible to disable the connected service Megaphone

With all of the above instructions it is easy to understand how the Megaphone to validate subscriptions. Similarly, you can hold off mailing lists forever. For some they may seem annoying and unnecessary. Them to get rid of such «advertising» will help the following:

  • if you dial *105# and follow the instructions that are offered (one of the items will be delete options);
  • calling 0500 and ask to remove what you do not need;
  • send the numbers that come entertainment, the word STOP;
  • visit the nearest office to ask the staff to turn off what you don’t need.

Video: how to disable mobile subscriptions on the Megaphone

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