As for Beeline to view your room

It happens that to memorize your phone there is no need and when the need arises to dictate or to write somewhere these cherished numbers, we lost. Have different providers for these cases has its own methods of informing customers. Read next simple tips, learn how to Beeline to see your mobile number to make a call, use the USSD command, or a specially provided for this software function, a wireless Internet connection.

How to find your Beeline to your phone or tablet

How to find out your number on the Beeline convenient, affordable, simple way? Just call someone that is close to, or person who will be able to find interesting information among the list of incoming/outgoing call. If the card iPad is coming to the mobile phone, then moving it there, you will similarly determine the number of Beeline in this device.

The subscriber finds out your phone number

As the SIM card Beeline to see your room, if the situation does not allow you to move the map, because the tablets do not make voice calls, correct USSD-requests? For example, to use the mobile and call the help service cellular, where to obtain relevant information about all registered on the tablet sim cards. A similar service will have a service center.

The problem is solved and no extra phone calls, handling in the provider’s office, because to check the number on the Beeline makes the settings menu:

  1. Go to the settings.
  2. To select the menu item «General» – «About device».
  3. Find the line «cell …», rewrite (copy) the desired indicators.

How to identify mobile number through USSD-command

Free service options telecommunications companies include short codes – fixed kits numbers and characters (pound, asterisk) to obtain specific figures on the current map:

Useful USSD commands Beeline

  • definition of personal information module identification: *110*10# – information will be displayed in the corresponding message;
  • detailing recent calls: *122# – service not paid only for a limited number of calls analyzed: five of the output/input of the current SIM card;
  • check balance: *102# – send request can be an infinite number of times, all hits are worth nothing;
  • data on activated options: *110*09# – the numbers will be displayed in the corresponding SMS.

How to test with call OSS

Dial operator (OSS) or service center as another way for the forgetful people to learn your number Beeline SIM card. This gain 0611 or 067410 and hit «call»:

Operator call-center

  1. 0611 – waiting for the response of the operator of the helpdesk, ask them to suggest some interesting information for you. It is possible that in this case, you will be required to provide information on passport data or voice code word.
  2. 067410 get is a recording that captures the code, and receive an SMS message with the desired data.

How to view your modem Beeline

If you have a modem with a SIM card, it is easy to rearrange to a regular phone numbers and figure out your seven one of the possible ways: short team, call OSS or their friends. As the SIM card Beeline to see your room directly in the computer? Among his useful services not only for USSD commands, the possibility of free calls, but the functions of Internet users, only need to use this service.

The service «My number»

The girl examines the service Beeline

All providers of mobile Internet support data definition, not only on the quality of communication and balance, but also on the current map. In addition, there is the possibility of sending and receiving SMS messages as it and laptop. Given these opportunities and the availability of a computer with information about the used SIM card will not arise, because on the Beeline to get to know your modem number is possible without Internet connection. To do this, just follow the instructions, which will tell you how in a Beeline check your number:

  1. Insert the modem into a usb port on your laptop.
  2. To wait for install and run programs access to the network connected device.
  3. If it is already installed, open it.
  4. In the program window, go to «account Management».
  5. To find and activate the function for detecting the SIM card.
  6. To wait for the advent of the computer, a TEXT message with the required information.
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