As for Beeline to check out the rest of the traffic

Modern mobile devices have the ability to connect with a web network, therefore, mobile operators offer packages with a certain number of the Internet, which is measured in GB (gigabytes) or MB (megabytes). Tariffs for surfing the net is not normalized, so you should know how to see traffic on the Beeline in order to fill it.

How to know the balance of traffic on the Beeline

SIM-card Beeline

To avoid a sudden disconnection, you must know how to Beeline to check the remainder of traffic. This will help control the flow of funds on the card, which can be used in smartphone, tablet or usb modem. The caller there are many ways to find out the balance of traffic Beeline. For example, modems have built-in functionality for statistics, but he does not always give the correct information. Third-party programs, too, sometimes «sin», so it’s best to use the methods offered by the mobile operator. The client may:

  • call tech support;
  • to send a USSD request;
  • to know the status in your live account.
  • view account through the app.

Ask for help in tech support or office

— Information on account status you can get if you call the helpdesk, by dialing 0611. After communication with the employee, you should introduce yourself, as clearly as possible to explain the issue or question. Manager can request your personal data to ensure that the room belongs to you. As a rule, please provide address of residence, passport (feel free to tell). Checking the information specialist will provide any information on the card: name of tariff plan the number of megabytes on the Internet, etc.

You can use another method, like the Beeline to check the remainder of traffic is to visit one of the offices of the company. In the office you will need to go to one of the employees of the company, describe the problem, the requirement to provide your details and call a phone number. The consultant will give information about the rest of MB in the package and any other regarding tariffs according to your requirement.

The operators of the support service

To use your personal account on the official website of Beeline

The fastest way to know the balance MB Internet – register in the personal Cabinet using the website. It has an intuitive, enjoyable and easy to manage interface. The procedure is very simple: enter your phone number and a temporary password will be sent in form of SMS. This is followed Luke inside to replace it with a constant that you can think of. How to know the traffic on the Beeline through the personal Cabinet:

  • go to BOS, using your login, password;
  • in the menu, find the section «Financial information»;
  • read the statistics spent of the Internet.

On the website you can not only see the state of the mobile Internet but also to see with all the packages, switch to another tariff, to activate the auto-renew or «Highway», which removes the speed limit within the quantity purchased GB. You can also use the link to download the special smartphone app that takes your LK on mobile device.

Check traffic in a Beeline with the help of USSD request or SMS

The guy sends an SMS

The easiest way to check the traffic on the Beeline to call using a short number of USSD-request. Just on your phone, enter the combination *102# + press the call button. Such a universal team will create the query database operator, and you will receive a notification on the screen with the available number of minutes, SMS, GB Internet and other services of the package. Other short queries or SMS commands to find left MB, no.

Through the app My Beeline

Most people use their phone or tablet that makes it quite reasonable to use special software to monitor your package. «My Beeline» is a reliable way to check the amount of traffic on the Beeline. You can download the app via the mobile stores or for free from the official website of the company. Installation requires no skills to enter the same password, the login that you use for personal account at the online resource. Features:

  • a comparison of the accounts helps to track changes in the cost of funds for a certain period of time;
  • bill details – if you order this service, the LK will be information about all operations on the packet;
  • cost control – helps to keep track of costs in family circle (if using this service);
  • managing services you can disable to connect the required services in a few clicks;
  • timely replenishment of balance – deposits can be made directly from mobile using acanthus tied to a credit card;
  • description of the tariff plan – detailed information about all features of mobile communication that you use.

People with a smartphone

How to check traffic on the router

Often, the map operator is used to connect to the network via modem. There are several options on the Beeline to check the actual rest of traffic. Corporate modem provides a standard software application that provides statistics on wasted megabytes:

  • navigate to the modem;
  • go to the statistics section;
  • this page shows how much was received by the IB after connecting the Internet package.

You will only need to take really spent MB of the volume, which provides for the tariff. So you can check the balance on your account. If you do not want to suffer a subtract or have forgotten the initial volume, you can menu modem command, both on the phone, dial *102# and press the «call». Response data on the remaining megabytes for the Internet will come in the form of SMS.

Video: how to check the balance of traffic on the Beeline

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