As for Beeline to check activated services

Beeline subscribers use various services, which often have to pay a lot of money. Many people simply forget about the connected options on the phone and are very surprised that their accounts constantly to do something with the funds. In such cases, there is a need to learn how to Beeline to check on connected services. This question is relevant to those subscribers who seek to control every penny of the family budget and are not ready to pay extra money for mobile communications. As possible and what you need, see below.

What is the service management system

Beeline offered its customers to use the system to control all the connected services. It provides all the details and issues that arise in the use of mobile communication. To get into the system interface, you must register by entering your phone on the Beeline website under «my account». Here immediately you will find a menu control with a telephone number where, if necessary, it will be possible to immediately change the tariff package to view services, make a detail of all the connected options, etc.

The possibilities offered by the control system options Beeline for their users in «dashboard»:

Manage connected services in the Personal Cabinet of subscriber of Beeline

  • viewing phone number;
  • to find out what the name of the current tariff plan;
  • to calculate the account balance;
  • to view a detailed list with all active services and their value;
  • the possibility of inclusion of certain functions in the black list;
  • to see information and entertainment programmes;
  • to order a detailed account, even with the early payment option.
  • the possibility of automatic payment from a Bank card;
  • to know PIN code.

How to find out what services are available Beeline

Beeline gives its subscribers a lot of useful opportunities to learn what services are assigned to their room. This will help them to deal with a strange situation where the money goes is not clear where and to prevent any unexpected expenses. There are several ways which are described below. So, as for Beeline to check on connected services.

Contact the office of the company

The office of Beeline

To the extreme method belongs to a personal visit to the office. If you have already for a long time trying to figure out a particular issue via Internet or mobile connection, please contact directly to office of Beeline. Here you will get the most qualified assistance and comprehensive information on all issues that could arise during use. However, be prepared that a company representative may request a passport for identification.

Call free technical support operator

You may want to contact — technical support of Beeline, staying at home. Just dial from your mobile number 0611, after the beep, wait until the answering machine will be redirected to the free consultant. Then you will be able to seek help and find out why there is the situation with funds, and also to get rid of a headache. Then ask the counselor to disable all those apps you don’t use at all.

Send USSD-request to the control Center services

One of the most easy methods to learn how to Beeline to check all the connected services, is addressed in the control Center services. How to do it correctly, when you dial on your phone USSD command using the code *111*09# plus click call or enter the number 067409, and in response receives a message with a full list of connected apps. If you need to connect or disconnect any of the options, call to 0674.

To use the mobile app My Beeline

Mobile application Beeline for the control of connected services

Another option is to figure out how the Beeline to check all the connected services are convenient mobile application «My Beeline». To this end, on your device, dial *111# call key. On the screen of the mobile device you will see a menu – drive with a set of numbers that correspond to a particular item. The control algorithm of the mobile application «My Beeline» for the purpose of checking the connected applications:

  1. Enter the option called «My Beeline».
  2. Here click «My account» and then «My services».
  3. Wait for an incoming message that should come from. There you will find a complete list connected with options.

An additional alternative to the above algorithm will be installed on your smartphone app with the same title «My Beeline». Download it on the official website of the company, or use Google Play and the App Store (it all depends on what type of smartphone you use). With this utility you can easily control the balance, to know how much traffic to view the active program and current offers of the operator, much more.

To use the service of Personal account on the website

If you still can’t learn how to Beeline to check on connected service, use the service «Personal Cabinet» on the official portal of cellular operator. Here you will get the opportunity not just to see what free and paid services connected to your phone, and disable or enable them. A few guidelines that will help to implement, with the help of this service (whether you live in Moscow, Saint Petersburg or any other city of the Russian Federation):

  1. Log on to official website:
  2. Top right you will see a link called «my account». Clicking on it, you will be asked to register and enter your username and password.
  3. When you get inside, find the section «service Management».
  4. Next you will see a comprehensive list of services that are on your phone, find out how much they cost.
  5. If you want to disable or enable one of the programs – select the appropriate item checkbox.

How to disable all paid services and subscriptions

There are several methods to disable all paid services and subscriptions of the company’s mobile network to save money greatly on the use of mobile phones. Read the main ones:

She learns a list of paid subscriptions, Beeline by phone

  • To check out the paid services of Beeline, call the customer support operator Beeline: 0611. When the operator speaks, show their desire to remove all services. However, be forewarned that you need to leave the mobile Internet.
  • Go to the website: Here, find «my account» and proceed according to the instructions given above in the paragraph titled «Use the service «Personal Cabinet» on the website».
  • Type the command on your phone: *110*09# and the call button. In return you will receive a message with the list.

A full list of options which have an active status on your phone, follow these steps to disable them:

  • the service’s «Lists» you can unsubscribe with a message with the text STOP or STOP to the short number 5054;
  • to remove the Subscriptions – send SMS to number 2838 with the text STOP or STOP;
  • to abandon the «Be aware» – enter command: *100*400#;
  • to remove the service «Chameleon» – call: *110*400#;
  • turn off Voicemail with a combination of numbers: *110*1470#;
  • disable Internet notification by typing from your mobile *110*1470#;
  • if you want to unsubscribe from the option bonus, dial *767*0#;
  • all default connected option «Internet with an unconfigured phone» (1 MB is about 1 thousand rubles), to turn it off, please contact the support: 0622;
  • if you want to disable «Internet Beeline home personal account, too, or use the phone number: 88007000611;
  • wanting to undo the function «Beep» call 0770;
  • to abandon the «free-movement» is possible with *110*2010#;
  • to cancel the connected service «Chat» can dialing *110*410#;
  • disable «contact» you can, by dialing a USSD code from a mobile: *110*4020#;
  • service «Watch» is removed with the command: *111# plus call.

Video guide: how to check the services and tariffs of Beeline subscribers

Wanting to learn how to Beeline to check all connected services along with the rates, you can use one of described above methods. Some of them do not provide exhaustive information, but only allow to know the presence of active applications. Other methods provide a full report on existing options along with the ability to control them. To absolutely make sure that you understand how to find connected services a Beeline, view the video below. Here everyone clearly see how it’s done and learns a lot of other useful information on this topic.

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