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The convenience of mobile communications outside any region of Russia and abroad is to use a special roaming services. Using this feature, you will always remain within reach, wherever. It is very convenient, so many people are interested in on the Beeline roaming to be in touch even outside of the huge country. For this there are certain offers from the operator, which vary depending on your preferences. Interested? Read below!

What types of roaming offers the mobile operator Beeline

Promotional poster Beeline tariffs for roaming

To activate roaming, you must choose the tariff package that will fit your lifestyle. For example, you travel a lot abroad or often go on business trips to other regions of the country? For these customers, the company Beeline is ready to offer several options for roaming services, each aimed at a certain category of users:

  • Intranet. This option is enabled automatically when you activate a new starter pack.
  • International. Designed for those subscribers who are actively engaged in telephone conversations abroad. Deciding to use this option, you will have to use the option «international call».
  • National. Necessary when you are in other regions of Russia. This option allows you to use mobile communication in accordance with a common tariff which you are accustomed to use in the place of residence. This service is automatically activated when the first call from another region.
  • Additionally, there is another option called «Roaming with light baggage» that connects all those who use post-paid.

Costs and tariffs of roaming from Beeline in 2015

Before interested, like the Beeline roaming, is to find out how much this service continually and varieties. This information will help you to be aware of their costs and easily control them on your account. If you call to Russia – is of some tariffs, and to negotiate with representatives of other countries (international roaming), the company uses a very different scheme of charging by the minute. Meet with all these intricacies, quickly and easily.

In Russia

Across the country you have the opportunity to use several tariff plans that help beneficial to talk with the right people, with the assistance of roaming. They differ among themselves with conditions and value offered to different users, for example:

  • «My Country» gives the opportunity to communicate with subscribers of other operators from other cities or regions of the Russian Federation. The cost per minute of incoming/outgoing calls and sending SMS messages is 3 rubles. Want to connect to the service? You will need a lump sum to pay 25 rubles. Do you pay a monthly subscription fee.
  • With tariff «7 days of Internet for travel to Russia» you will be able to use the roaming for the mobile Internet across the country at the prices that apply to your home area. The connection of such fare will cost 99 rubles., but the use of the service will not work, for example, being in the Crimea (it is in this region not provided). If you enable this option, while in Kamchatka, in the Magadan region, Chukotka and Yakutia, it switches to the MBS billing.
  • «30 days of Internet for travel to Russia» gives the same opportunities to its subscribers that in the previous version (including restrictions for certain regions), only more period. To connect the package will have to pay 199 roubles.


The subscriber of Beeline decides where to go abroad

If you are going on a business trip or travel in other countries, it’s important to know roaming tariffs services which can use there. You have to remember that incoming/outgoing calls will be paid not only for you but also for subscribers located in the territory of Russia. And the rates were most favorable, the company Beeline offers next services:

  • «My Planet». The package will give significant savings on phone calls, if you will be abroad. Depending on what country you are in, communication cost will vary. If you went (went) to Egypt, Kazakhstan, Turkey, China, Belarus, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Italy, Ukraine or CIS countries, incoming/outgoing will cost 25 rubles a minute. For most other countries in Europe, the service costs 25 RUB on the front and 45 RUB. for the weekend.
  • «Planet zero» is an attempt of the operator to provide the service if not for free then at least at the tempting low prices. Depending on the group of countries in which you are located, different rates: 60 RUB per day subscription fee cost 10 rubles, starting from the 21st minute of incoming and 20 RUB./min. output (CIS and EU); 100 rubles payment in the first 21 minutes are free, and then 15 RUB./min. input and 45 RUB./min. output («planet zero» other countries 1); or 30 rubles per minute of incoming reprimanded and 60 RUB. output («planet zero» other countries 2).

How to activate roaming Beeline

When you are going on a trip and want to take care of the connection roaming on the Beeline, you must perform some action to activate this option. To do this, there are several effective ways. Select one of them depending on which for you is the most suitable. To read them in more detail will continue.

Contact the office of the company

Office Beeline

If you are in any city of Russia, then you will not be difficult to apply to the nearest office. The office staff of the Beeline will not only help to connect the necessary capabilities, but also provide other useful information that will allow you to save money. You may be asked to provide a passport to identify the person, so be sure to take it with you.

To call directly to the subscriber technical support

In order not to spend time on Hiking, call the operator directly to the technical support subscribers. To do this, enter phone number: +74959748888. Where ever you are (including other countries) the call will be free. Ask any question, call-center operator clearly and quickly will answer by providing all the necessary clues as to the possible Beeline roaming.

Send a request via the USSD system

To quickly activate the service, it is important to know a few code instructions are easy to dial directly from your phone, knowing a certain combination of numbers. For each of these packages has its own set of USSD characters. Such combinations you will learn below in the section «USSD-commands and numbers of operators for connecting and disconnecting the service».

To login to your account and activate the option

The entrance to the personal account Beeline

Having access to the Internet, use the «Personal account», logging on to the official website of the company This section is in the upper right corner of the page. Here select «Mobile communications», enter the username and password. Go to «Services», find the necessary package of roaming data you want to plug it in and turn it on by selecting the status «Activate».

USSD-commands and numbers of operators for connecting and disconnecting the service

As mentioned above, there are certain commands to control roaming. You can dial directly from the phone anywhere in the world, and the service is activated or deactivated. Dial a specified combination of symbols, press the call button or call to a specific number – this option will immediately start the operation. For each tariff plan the team his own. Then you should read this in more detail.

To travel across Russia

Traveling the huge country, you definitely all need roaming. To enable or disable for each package, use the following commands:

  • «My country». For a comfortable communicating with loved ones across the country, dial *100*0021# – and the option to connect and to disable it when not needed (for example, you returned home to Moscow), you can use USSD-command *110*0020#.
  • «7 days of Internet for travel in Russia». Activated with USSD-code *115*361# or 0674090361.
  • «30 days of Internet for travel in Russia». Use code to connect: *115*261#, or dial 0674090161.

The man sent a USSD-request to connect the roaming Beeline

To travel around the world

For international roaming, there are other possibilities to connect or disconnect the service. To see how to Beeline easy to activate roaming for each tariff package, you will further:

  • «My planet». To activate the package you will help of USSD-command *100*0071# and to exit from the access zone, dial *110*0070#.
  • «Planet zero». Connected with combinations of numbers *110*331#, and disabled– *110*330# or: 0674030.
  • «The most affordable Internet in roaming». Is automatically activated.

Videotutorial: how to connect to the Beeline roaming

Doing so allows you to significantly save money on mobile calls, while in other regions of Russia or abroad. If you have already left or are on location, you always have the ability to activate cheap roaming service depending on the package that is most suitable. As Beeline is possible to activate roaming, see the video attached below. Here you will get comprehensive information and learn a lot more secrets on its use.

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