Sun lounger for newborns

To make life easier for mom and give them free time, modern manufacturers of child seats has created a miracle swing. They are able to calm the restless child. Chairs can be a simple swing or whole complexes with music, automatic control. What to choose for your child depends on their weight, age and your desires.

Electronicaly for newborns

Every mom would like to imagine this assistant, like a swing for newborns. It is very hard to wear the baby constantly, especially when you just don’t have time for anything else. Then help electronicaly for newborns. A rocking chair typically operate on batteries, but more advanced models from the network. The more in the swing of implemented features, so they are more expensive and features a larger power consumption. In the base model can add the following functions:

  • adjustable amplitude, direction sway;
  • built-in musical accompaniment or output for connecting a music player, smartphone;
  • adjust the chair;
  • mobile gaming details;
  • additional tabs on the seat.

Modern manufacturers have taken care of that rocking chair for newborns and older children, it was safe, as ergonomic as possible and not irritated. Swing chaise comfortable for sleeping, feeding and entertainment of the child. At the same time very compact for any apartment, easy to move, fold, if necessary.

Novouredeni electrocycle

Selection criteria

To select the appropriate model to specify the desired parameters by which a search among the multiple devices will become a lot easier. The choice must be guided by the price and power consumption model. If chairs cost up to 13 thousand roubles you want, we can search among the automatic models with an unlimited number of functions. If you want economic model – there are swings that run on batteries, very durable, long-lasting, so your child can swing on them for a very long time. All models are limited to the weight of the child and designed:

  • for children up to 5 kg – lounger for newborns with a horizontal position, sometimes with a built-in mobile
  • for weight up to 9 kg – chairs and swings, have more outdoor Seating, a horizontal position;
  • upright position extra toys.

If your child is still only a couple of months, he is not holding the head, then the best choice – children’s lounge-rocking chair. For older babies who can sit, it is better to take model with the possibility of vertical position, when the child has the opportunity to play with toys and is elementary to observe the mother. All seats equipped with three-pin and five-pin harness, to the children, sitting in a chair, could not get out, to fall off of it.

How much is

Normal baby bassinets with an element of delay there are between 2,000 p. They are not equipped with additional features designed for newborn babies. E-swing-cradle, equipped with mains and a more ergonomic seat with padding, it will cost 6000 UAH. Models which have built-in mobiles, multiple speeds and directions of motion sickness, vibration, tables for food and accommodation of the toys are from 8000 UAH. depending on the manufacturer. Beneficial to order a rocking chair through the online stores with delivery in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities.

The cradle-rocking chair for babies

The baby will feel safe in a comfortable cradle-rocking, which is designed to work with movements of small amplitude. These cradles are of a conventional manual, with special springs, with a driving element, runs on batteries and plugged in. Make them in the form of a lounger or under a conventional child’s crib, but a mandatory element of such a device is the pumping part. Deck chair is suitable for newborns, that is, for a child with low weight.

Mechanical cradle-rocking chair for a newborn

What model to choose

Chaise lounge for children to choose is not easy, because every mother pays attention to a thousand little things that, in her opinion, you can not like or to prevent the child. In order to choose, we can compare the electrical and mechanical models:

  1. E-swing-cradle during operation, emits a certain vibration that according to some doctors can affect the condition of the child, for example, to annoy him, instead of calm. Therefore, approaching selecting the carrycot, you need to weigh the pros and cons, because your baby will spend a lot of time there, which should be absolutely safe for him. If you are worried about the extra sounds, vibrations – it is better to choose the conventional mechanical cradle-rocker.
  2. Mechanical cradle requires the constant presence of parents, because it is necessary periodically to shake, no function of music and other pleasures, such as speed of motion sickness.

Grooming SweetPeace


On our market there are many manufacturers of baby rocking chairs in different price categories. Chairs have lots of features, color and design that makes your choice a lot easier and more enjoyable. The most popular manufacturers of bausero, swing, strollers and other children’s products that deserve attention:

  • Graco;
  • Jetem;
  • Peg-perego;
  • Babyton;
  • Chicco.

American seats of Graco company have the wide range in which you can find chairs, rocking chairs, bouncer, swing electric and mechanical. Similar models are in the line of the German manufacturer Jetem, Italian Chico and Peg perego. Boundary Babyton, made in China, will have a lower price, but solid quality, not much worse than Italian or German counterparts.

Video: what is the sunbed to choose for a newborn


Elena, 30 years: they took the baby for 2 months deckchair Chico, no regrets. Such a thing should be in every mommy. There is at least the possibility for 20 minutes to distract the baby, to go to wash, to give him milk when no one else is home. I liked that you can adjust the hanging soft toys, or not to remove them.

Maria, 32 years: the Important thing when you choose a lounger for babies, pay attention to its size, ability to transport. Not all manufacturers on the sun loungers quite flexible handrails, to be able compactly to transport it in the trunk. Manufacturer Jetem quite satisfied me. Bought at 5 months old rocking chair and the chair of the same company.

Sofia, 25 years: What pleasure these cradle-rocking. Recently purchased swing Graco electric battery powered, so I can swing not only a six-month child, but also three-year-old daughter happy on her swing. The construction is durable, the seat is very easy transformirovalsya.

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