Why do you spoil yourself

Why do you spoil yourself

If you’re the guy who used to, without hesitation, Gore, strong forehead of the enemy in the face is commendable. Even better, if you’re used to demolish any obstacles in your way, without going into much deliberation and doubt. Quite nice, if you put a bolt into anyone who has something against your forward. This means that with the motivation you have everything in order, but there is one more catch. Doing the destruction of external obstacles, could you forget that sometimes man is his own worst enemy. So if you feel that you stopped, if you do not know when something went wrong – Liferules you will be happy to help. And again you rush into battle.

The first enemy of any ambitious guy, immeasurable perfectionism. Painful love to ensure that all went according to plan, taking into account all possible factors that may break off the scheduled job and all that jazz. You, dear reader, probably have noticed how spoiled your mood when you seemingly took into account all the details, put in maximum effort, and the plans still rolled in some kind of hell. Any shrink will confirm that this trait determines many of the young people up to thirty years.

Why is it bad and how to get rid of it? Perfectionism’s roots grows up from your childhood in which mum put you into a corner and severely chastised for blowing the dust bowl. Perhaps you were so vulnerable, standing in the corner and wiping snot with his fist, once and for all decide for yourself – you acted like an incredible, a monstrous asshole, and clearly saw a super-task, determined by your behavior in adulthood – to prevent mistakes, and to make everything perfect.

Excessive severity towards themselves is not a key on the way to perfection, because only critical review that inspired you in childhood, will make you really Mature person. Short conclusion: just accept yourself with some of its shoals, to avoid which it is simply impossible because historically. Only internally harmonious and balanced guys reach their goals in the shortest possible time. To yourself be kind to each other, you need to educate yourself, but don’t need to indulge oneself.

These flaws in you, which you must accept, is not your second terrible internal enemy – your addiction. The whole point of shitty of your dependencies in that there are just millions, they are extremely varied and ubiquitous, because to penetrate into the subcortex of your brain as something very quietly. Gambling – of those, who are chasing one another rink for even before important exams. Cigarettes, alcohol or something stronger for those who can’t stand themselves and the world as he is, and seeks to catch up with the amazing dopamine in the brain, without the help of various substances. Overeating for those who cope with stress by using a half-hour jog around the Park seemed a task too heavy and exhausting, as eat-that brings in the result, the same effect of relief and happiness, but in the process much easier.

Why addiction is bad, you so clear. They hinder you in your movement forward, mentally and physically. With getting rid of them harder. You need to consider your mistakes and failures as an integral part of your movement to the target. This is the place where you overdid it, deciding to be kind to myself and allowing myself weakness. Where you’re wrong, because what poisons you from the inside, obviously can’t be a gesture of goodwill and care to yourself.

Another obstacle on the road to your dream can become, strangely enough, overconfidence and unrealistic assessment of their own capabilities. How often do you have shouldered the responsibility for the solution of impossible tasks, fought over them, like a horse in a lather, and then threw everything to hell and blamed himself for it? It is the same. Such a workaholic like you need to find out for themselves that excessive altruism and voluntary plowing for someone else is unlikely to make your life better, let alone self-respect just will not add. The only person for which you have to work constantly – that’s you, and Liferules will always help you with that. Good luck, Champ!

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