Types of extraordinary women

Types of extraordinary women

unusual woman

Did you when it is dominated by some charming lady, and you are just like in the song sigh «…I used this».

Communication with outstanding personalities delivers incomparable pleasure, they are intelligent, attractive and have a special charm, however in order to gain such need and to have the whole baggage of advantages. In this article we will focus on unusual women and how to charm them. Conventionally, we have identified 4 types of such women.


It is not possible to zaproektirovany or something to touch on everything in the world she looks through a special prism. It does not depend on the opinions of others, because it is not particularly bothered by strangers, unless those from whom she can benefit. In the movie we very often can observe the image of the femme fatale, but in real life it will not meet often.

What they primarily differ from other women is their courage. To wear a short dress with a little peek-a-Boo stockings, to laugh loudly in a nice restaurant (well, they are even the article poured in rhyme), make bright flashy makeup — not each lady is to decide.

Vamp is probably the most difficult and controversial type of women, that is why these ladies are mostly loners. If you are sure that this type suits you, there is one important rule to win — just to take a vamp for what it is. Around her little understanding people, so she will appreciate it.


She has an amazing sense of humor, it’s worth it to open his mouth as everyone starts to grab food. Her facial expressions, movements, manner of speech… She’s a real comedienne who can make laugh anyone. It is definitely charming because it attracts attention and leaves in the soul a recollection of oneself.

It is unusual in that is not shy about sounding stupid, which is rare in other women, maybe that’s why the best comedians are male? In any case, with a Clown will not get bored. Not everyone will be able to be close with her if you are interested in such type of women you have to possess a sparkling sense of humor, and not to be lost, when you become the object of her jokes.

Bohemian woman

A woman not necessarily look bright to prove its uniqueness (although on the exterior, as a rule, is also displayed). She’s a sophisticated, talented and neordinarnaya. Watching movies in the genre of art house, enjoys literature and painting, this is a free way of life. Like all fancy women do not bother about the opinion of strangers. The world sees as a game in which a real only one.

This woman loves art and communicating among like-minded people. With the Bohemian woman is very interesting to spend time, as it can tell many interesting things, in any matter it has its own clear position. Of course in order to please her need to have similar interests, otherwise the conversation may not be possible and you will quickly get bored.

Business lady

One of the most amazing and rare types of women, which is also admirable. She knows how to make money, competently conducts business with men and it is not so easy to mislead. These women of the male analytical mind and an iron will.

Not every man business lady can be tough, so it like a vamp often spends his days alone. If she starts a relationship, it is unlikely that in this case is guided by emotions. The relationship is not perceived encroachment on personal space, will not compromise and does not tolerate weakness.

Truly, how many good girls: funny, serious, smart, sexy, for every taste. Of course all this division of people into types is highly conditional and do not forget that every person is individual and has its own unique traits. Some even combine several types.

The conquest of women is still better to be yourself than to try on the skin of another, because it’s very important when you are the way you are.

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