Ilya Grigorievich Starinov: the saboteur of four wars

Ilya Grigorievich Starinov: the saboteur of four wars

Its future is strongly influenced by one case: once the father Starinov noticed a broken rail and to warn the driver about the danger of firecrackers laid on its route. It worked and sunk the younger Ancient times in the head.

After graduation the question of the railway trains and specially prepared for this min became interested in it quite seriously. Starinov studied was found unexploded ordnance, which is quite often to be found. Experiments on melting of these charges under the explosives gave good results, and Ilya Grigoryevich more deeply into this question. Later, in 1923, it will attract an expert to investigate sabotage on the Railways.

From 1929 to the mid 30-ies he took part in the training organized guerrilla movement. The purpose of this unit was the deployment of the «rail war behind enemy lines. In addition, Starinov and his companions in their laboratories have developed new models of mines are perfect for this war. Unfortunately, in 1935, established it would seem the system was minimized and the idea of an organized guerrilla war lost.

As soon as the fighting began in Spain, he went to the group of Domingo Ungru. During the war they managed to make more than two hundred acts of sabotage, destroying about two thousand soldiers of the enemy. Fought with him, people called him «wolf». In 1937, the saboteur returns home after a number of successful operations.

Later he participated in the Finnish campaign, helping the soldiers to defuse mines the Finns: the latter did not spare them and installed literally everywhere. Starinov in those years, managed to disarm one of the unfamiliar until an anti-tank mine, and has developed a manual for its neutralization. Wanting to help his men he went to the front to personally show you how to disarm a mine and caught two bullets in the arm from the Finnish sniper. Nerves were broken, he was sent to the hospital.

During the great Patriotic War, which he survived, Starinov was engaged in the mining of various objects of importance. Thus he was able to deceive the enemy, tossing the bait instead of the real mines, which have always been hidden well: the Germans were able to enter the city, gather awkwardly, seemingly set charges and to calm down. But the real mines, meanwhile, was still in the ground. Some of them were on the radio, which in those years was unusual. The mine was exploded a mansion in Kharkov, for example.

Towards the end of the war, Starinov was engaged in mine clearing of roads and Railways in Germany. Later he was engaged in scientific activity. Grandpa died in the Soviet special forces 18 November 2000.

Of course, one of the largest of its achievements is the creation of new means of mining was successfully applied during several wars, and proved its efficiency, as well as work with the guerrillas. The number of successfully conducted large transactions exceeded ten. Remember about this man.

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