How to zip up a jacket?

It would seem, what could be easier than to learn how to zip up a jacket?! But no! It turns out that there is a mandatory dress code, and so he methodically followed, will not only have to learn to tame a certain number of buttons, but the nobility that you should choose a jacket

for the upcoming event.

Well, as they say, nothing is impossible for a man with intelligence! And therefore this science we can do it jointly! And don’t lightly dismiss the generally accepted rules, if you want people to perceive you as a worthy and respectable member of society.

How to zip up a jacket?

For a strict business style is to get single-breasted or double-breasted (depending on the whimsical fashion!) classic blazer in a conservative color. Ale the main rule of social events and refined office look is the unbuttoned bottom button.

How to zip up double breasted jacket?

It should be noted that this postulate (unbuttoned lower button) does not change with time, but remains for many years constant and unchanging. But this applies only to single-breasted models, double breasted is better to keep tightly buttoned (have patience!).

Men who prefer to always look stylish and interesting, in a chorus have in their Arsenal a tailored jacket. He just perfectly it will look in an ensemble with a slightly cropped, narrow pants and narrow-nosed patent leather shoes. Most often it has buttons in the amount of four pieces that would be appropriate to keep a fully buttoned (smoothly but effectively!).

How to zip up a jacket with three buttons?

If you are wearing a jacket with three buttons, it is acceptable to unbutton and the bottom and top, leaving only the average recorded.

In this case, there is a but! The jacket should fit you just perfectly, otherwise the image will not get the neatness and smartness.

Always buttoning on the sleeves?

While partying with friends you can unbutton the sleeves of his jacket to gently show others expensive cufflinks on the shirt. Moreover, functional and they operate only on expensive models (the image of the glamorous dandy you provided!).

How to be on formal occasions?

During official events, the jacket should be clasped, but when the meeting takes a relaxed nature, it can be undone. Not forbidden to do it at the dinner table, but before you can get it, the blazer will again be buttoned. The same is true for theatrical representation. What can you do etiquette is a thing conservative!

Very strict requirements to appearance of employees of the service sector. A jacket with one button set to enter the standard uniform, and it needs to be worn always! In recent times, there are such models and for everyday wear, but a rule tightly buttoned one of the buttons is important and Budyonny life.

The buttons on the pockets of the jacket

There are no special conditions regarding the buttons on the pockets, although more aesthetically pleasing and neat appearance you will have, if to keep them still buttoned. This is especially true of breast pocket (except if it is a handkerchief!).

If you aspire to look more relaxed and democratic, you should take note of that loop, if it’s not fastened should always be tucked inside!

For the vest, regardless of its style, the rule unbuttoned the bottom buttons, and it works in all situations.

Depending on the situation…

A lot also depends on the circumstances. Speaking before an audience, handing over the letter, getting to know new people, inviting a lady to dance, you just need to exercise the utmost level of respect. Therefore, according to the rules of etiquette, all these actions have to be performed exclusively in the buttoned jacket.

Over time, you will be able to do the right thing, intuitively finding the best answers to their own questions. It’s called life experience, but in order to make it appear, you have to strain and to study the basic and immutable rules! Good luck in all your endeavors!

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