How to get on the owl and lark?

How to get on the owl and lark?


It is a pity that there is no such regulations, which would indicate that choosing a life partner must consider not only her eye color and a love of cleaning, and many other nuances, such as the biorhythm compatibility.

As you know, all people are divided into owls and larks conditionally pigeons (go to bed late, get up early). The latter category is quite rare, so the focus in this article, we will take two different from each other owls and larks. It would seem that for women’s fiction, which can be a serious problem due to biorhythms, but it turns out the consequences of such incompatibilities – separation and even divorce. Well, if the family live, two of the lark or two owls, but if not?

It is as though paradoxical did not sound, but people living together may not see each other. Larks Wake up early, they fly away on work, while the owls still luxuriate in bed. By the time he came home exhausted larks, owls, full of energy go to his work (often owls work in the afternoon).

So it may look a weekday, if we talk about the output, and the situation is no better. The morning lark can rattle dishes, slam doors, thus causing a storm of negativity from the sleepy owl. After about six o’clock in the evening, when the owl is at the peak of vitality, lark wearily looks at his watch and after a few hours sleep.

Against this background, disputes regularly occur. Owls complain about idlers, and larks – old man. Neither the one nor the other side unaware that their partners are simply unable to exist otherwise. Each organism has its own mode, with the moment of maximum and minimum activity during certain hours, and that it is not uncontrollable.

How to get the owl and the lark?

owl I zhayvoronok

As we can see owls and larks very difficult to understand each other, and even more difficult to get along with. There must be some ways to save a relationship from fighting on such ridiculous grounds. You can try the following:

1.To get started you just need to be sensitive to the way of life of a partner, even if it seems that all his life he is sleeping, it is necessary to calculate the number of hours that he was awake and which was asleep. The numbers will be completely normal.

2.Be able to offer your sweetheart. Lark don’t need a lot of noise in the morning. Owl, in turn, should not make a scandal whenever a lark decide to take a NAP or go to bed. Always put yourself in the place of a partner, as you feel sleepy?

3.Distribute household chores so that part of the work could be done in the morning lark, and the rest is night owl.

4.In order to hold together the maximum amount of time to adapt to each other. During the day there is a period when both chronotype are in the active state, at about noon, then it is necessary to highlight at each other at this time.

Of course the incompatibility of biorhythms may be detrimental to the marriage, unfortunately, many couples do not stand up to endless quarrels. And yet, if two people really need each other, they will be able to find a way out without resorting to accusations. About such a marriage really can say that it withstood the fire, water and copper pipes.

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