How to become a father?

How to become a father?

the father of a child

You were sure that he would not mind to become a father and, of course, the way it is, but in that moment when she came up to you and, mysteriously having smiled, has hinted on the upcoming replenishment, as if you have knocked the ground from under his feet.

Baby… How exciting and at the same time scary. «What if we fail to be a good father?», «Am I ready for this?» «Now I have to do?» and many other questions swarming in my head of the future father.

But it is actually not so scary, after all, the birth and upbringing of a child is a natural part of life, and in every human being, even man, is genetically programmed how to treat a baby. In order to get rid of unnecessary fears, we offer you some tips associated with the birth of the first child.

1. Prepare yourself mentally

The first thing you need to realize that with the advent of the baby the usual mode of the day, and overall life changes dramatically. The first year of a child’s life are the most difficult for new parents. Here and lack of sleep, and chronic fatigue, changeable mood wife up to postpartum depression, a quarrel on this background to all this, you need to be prepared.

2. Keep the wife

It is very important to provide maximum assistance to his wife. I probably don’t need to explain what hardships she experiences, nurturing your child, and with all the chores and work and lie on it. Plus regular trips to the antenatal clinic. Try to lighten his load, be sure to help with the housework and don’t be irritated if she again complains of back pain, instead, for example, give her a massage or even just comfort.

3. Ditch unhealthy habits

How long have you wanted to quit? Well, it was the right moment. In addition to harm to the baby, your addiction can badly affect the condition of the mother. The fact that pregnant women are very sensitive to smell, and even if you smoke on the balcony or on the street, the smell from the clothes will still drive you crazy your soulmate.

4. Get ready for changes in sexual life

Don’t be surprised if during pregnancy, your girl’s libido is significantly reduced, which sex life will become not so regular as before. Although it is believed that in the second trimester libido in women, on the contrary, increases. I’ll find out!

5. Learn the skills of infant care

Reflexes reflexes, but to learn how to hold, swaddle, change diapers, still need, and better education not to pull and buy all the required books before the birth of the child. So you will feel more confident in the house when the baby gets here.

6. Don’t forget about personal life

Preparing for the birth of a child is a big job, but all people need sleep. To support the «weather in the house» is necessary to periodically forget about all worries and just spending time together with his beloved wife, because of that warm relationship between mom and dad, depends the future prosperity of the family.

7. Get rid of jealousy

Some men, after the baby is born, you get a strange feeling akin to jealousy. Usually this is due to the special closeness of mother and child. Men in this case, it is starting to feel like strangers, but it is not so, and that is why you need to listen to the next advice.

8. Spend time alone with the child

The image of the father accompanies man throughout his life, in order to have a child remained pleasant memories of you, sometimes you need to get out of the house and spend time just the two of us with the baby. You will have your secrets and funny stories, this way you will contribute to his upbringing.

The birth of a child is always a special occasion, this is the light event that can happen in the life of a loving couple. It is important to understand that the relationship with the child develop at a very early stage, so you need from birth to make emotional contact with him. And, of course, leave your fears behind, because you can be sure you will succeed!

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