Baltic treasure: champagne

Baltic treasure: champagne

An unusual find was waiting for quite ordinary divers who explored the bottom of the Baltic sea in 2010. There, on the seabed, at a depth of about fifty metres away brave guys found a real treasure: 160 bottles of champagne of the nineteenth century, well-known brand «Veuve Clicquot». All anything (because you, too many glass of beer in the sea was found), and only champagne not only survived, but has retained its original taste.And one bottle, by the way, costs 50 thousand euros.

By the way, in the Baltic sea in 2010 was discovered 30 bottles of the same brand, but older, 1780-ies. You know, it’s the world’s oldest champagne, and costs about 80 thousand dollars. Then the divers raised from the bottom of the bottle to determine the age of the vehicle, and were pleasantly surprised that the drink is still drinkable.

The important thing is that it was the first wine company, and it is closed after the French revolution. According to one version, the ship that sailed through the Baltic sea, viz champagne (and other things that we will never know) to the Russian Tsar as a gift from Louis XVI. If so, it will cost much more expensive.

Guys, by the way, was not greedy and one bottle still tasted. According to them, in this champagne, little bubbles, it is sweet with a strong tobacco smell.

It was so unusual that the brave scientists decided to find out: why the hell champagne, two hundred years had lain under water better than ours? And why «Veuve Clicquot» changes?

Found. First, technology used to be a bit better (no mass production and cheap plastic: only hand-made wooden barrels), and secondly the chances of survival at this depth, only a little champagne. Then, of course, the internal pressure, which kept the tube from within and balance the external water pressure. And due to the fact that the water in the Baltic sea is not very salty, the tubes themselves remained intact.

From all this it is worth to make some conclusions.

First, the industrial revolution replaced the classic evolutionary process of making champagne and wine. And this applies not only to these wonderful drinks. Well, I’ll go eat at McDonald’s and drink cheap wine powder. Globalization, blasphemy!

Second, the coincidences in life are, and miracles do happen, and the preservation of «the Widow Clicquot».


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