Airsoft and hardball

Airsoft and hardball

Want to experience the charm of shooting, but computer games have long been not give the desired effect, and the present war can kill? Then you direct road to the relevant sports game that simulates real battle.

Immediately dismissing paintball is, for the most part, the entertainment of students, managers, corporate, and other common people. So, can be fun and interesting to run, but the real battle is going to be like no more than children digging in the sandbox. In General, it is not our option.

Then there are two directions: airsoft and hardball. To begin, consider the second option. And, you know, the prefix «hard» here is not in vain. When I started playing airsoft, I talked with people «in the know» regarding hardbal. I was told that in this game you can play unless frostbitten people. This, of course, a very subjective opinion of one specific person, but a note of still take. Actually, all frostbite games is that as the weapon used. If you think that it is not dangerous, then you are obviously a combat veteran. Or, on the contrary, did not smell of gunpowder, and that lead ball can do, I don’t know. Very traumatic occupation.

But airsoft is a reference for the middle ground. On the one hand, this is not fooling around with paint, on the other — too significant trauma from a bullet you will not get here. Stumble, fall and break a leg that easily. But at least not from a bullet.

The weapon is a complete simulation of military analogue: externally almost indistinguishable, the weight is the same, we can perform a modification. Inside the vast majority of cases you will have to wait electric. All other variations are damn rare and little used: or expensive, or weak. Shooting airsoft guns with plastic balls. Immediately describe the item that interests 100% of our brave readers: how’s the injuries? Judging by my experience, it is enough to take the mask that protects the face and wear tight comfortable clothing. No serious injuries from enemy shots you get. But it doesn’t change the fact that on the battlefield it is to get hurt: most airsoft games are conducted on abandoned sites, where, however, the mass of debris, dirt, rebar and other things not safe.

The most important thing here: this is a tactic. In the same paintball people often rush on to the field as necessary, and in airsoft, this approach does not work. Teamwork is important here, because originally this game was used to train soldiers in some countries. So the degree of realism is consistent. Decide to ride across the field like a hare — catch a bullet very quickly. In addition, often it is large. Very. And run behind him in full growth is seldom possible, often you move in a Crouch, and sometimes even crawling. The latter aspect especially will delight you with the harsh Russian winter, or at least a severe fall. Your subscription to any gym (where did you all come from?!) you can safely throw out.

Took a bullet? Go to «ghoul», this special place as if to rise and again go into battle. Just don’t forget at least a hand up, and then there are particularly zealous citizens who shoot first and then think. Ideally, a raised hand, a red rag should be in order till the last slowpoke realized that you were dead and more than you shoot is not necessary. The rules of resurrection and murder are discussed in the beginning of the game, as well as other aspects: do you have wounds, you can take people prisoner, you are allowed to use grenades and stuff like that.

And now few tips for those who, inspired by my stories, already ran to the store to buy weapons and equipment:

first, it is not the fact that you like. Play hard without the necessary physical training especially difficult. And most of the time beginners spend in the status of cannon fodder. And from the psychological side there are problems: many people are afraid to get shot, I’m afraid of a grenade explosion and in General of any suspicious rustle. Takes place after the first death. So to get started is to rent a simple machine (very often stores selling straykbol weapons provide this service) and a mask to get some clothes, which is still long overdue for the trash, and going to try;

secondly, it is expensive. The most that neither is a starter kit with more or less decent shape, a simple machine gun and ammunition will cost no less than ten thousand rubles;

thirdly, in any case you will need a team. So, once in at least a little experienced squad you will absolute rookies, who will drive all over the field. So more and kill constantly. But that’s okay — you will put on some mileage experience is going to gel with the guys and start to get pleasure from what is happening. If you constantly play with some random people, for two or three games you all this bother, because the battle turns into a real mess;

fourthly, do not forget about protection if you don’t want to get an impressive bruise. The best thing you can do to preserve your face safe — net mask. It is good that does not fog up. This is very important, so believe me. If suddenly someone ran in a gas mask — he will understand me. Glasses look cool, but just protect the eyes and brutally misted. Plastic bullet when hit leaves a great bruise, maybe chipped a tooth well and get into the eyes. The last is particularly unpleasant, so protection on the playing field, do not remove and let the glasses that you bought, I don’t listen to fogged up to such an extent that you wander like the hedgehog in the fog. To remove them is still impossible.

And airsofters from time to time take part in the joint with the large-scale army exercises, themed games are mostly known universes and still do a lot of interesting things. In General, if you will join these ranks is clearly for a long time.

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