How to deal with «Mail of Russia»: secrets that will save your time, money and nerves

In Russia, the post is more than just an organization. «Mail of Russia» is a legend or bad, or nothing. And yet it is possible to get along with. Here are the tips through which the mail will be easy and enjoyable.

If you believe the Internet, «Mail of Russia» is the «evil Corporation». Her credo is chaos. All to break and lose for your money! One office — one window. Took place? Write a will. So, just in case. «You have a lot, and I’m alone» is the most polite from what you can hear from the postmaster. And why they still do not hang the portrait of «YMCA» at a prominent place?

But maybe not so bad? All is not lost?

Russian post

To shift the responsibility conveniently. But what if part of the problem with «Mail of Russia» we make for ourselves? Suddenly we just don’t know the rules and swing-existent right?

Peace! Do not rush to be indignant in the comments: «they do not know the laws! A Railways champion!» Just read to the end. We’ll show you how to interact with «Mail of Russia» without the extra cost and hassle.

Learn to distinguish parcel from parcel

According to the Federal law No. 176 «On postal communication», the mail includes:

  • letters;
  • post cards (greeting);
  • remittances;
  • periodicals;
  • small packets;
  • parcels;
  • parcel.

In the twenty-first century, many of them seem irrelevant. Read no Newspapers, tapes of news agencies. Communicate and build business by email. And the money is sent from card to card. But with small packets, parcels and parcels necessary to face even the geeks. What’s online shopping without them?

  1. Small packet — international postal items containing small objects. The maximum weight is 2 kg. does Not require special packaging.
  2. Parcel — a postal item with an attachment in the form of publications (books, magazines, Newspapers), business papers, manuscripts, photographs. The maximum weight is 2 kg For parcels, consisting solely of books, — 5 kg.
  3. Parcel — a postal item for forwarding things. Minimum dimensions: 114 × 162 mm or 110 × 220 mm.

All parcels are divided into ordinary and registered. Simple is accepted and delivered without any receipts and signatures. I bought a stamped envelope, sent a letter and the recipient will look in the mailbox and get it. In the second case, everything is documented: the sender is given a receipt, and the recipient of the message.

Registered mail are:

  1. Customs (letters, postal cards, parcels, small packets) is delivered by hand, if desired, you can request a return receipt.
  2. Valuable (letters, parcels, packages) — when sending the evaluation value of the investment, sometimes a list is made.
  3. Cod — shipping charges will be charged to the addressee upon receipt.

Why all these details? Just the type of administration depend on the conditions, terms and shipping costs.

the postman Pechkin

Pechkin knows his stuff! That’s just how you understand the current rules poker parcel will not send (only written correspondence and documents), and parcel and can weigh less than a kilogram. For example, you decided to send his beloved grandmother as a gift book (500 grams) and a box of chocolates (300 grams). For sweet content, the shipment will be considered as a package: it is Packed in a special plastic bag or cardboard box. And would only the book would have gone for the parcel.

But sometimes the parcel are «non-standard» investments. For example, magnets, cosmetic samples or seeds. Do this when attachments are not heavy and every minute counts.

First class vs EMS

There are following methods of sending mail:

  1. Ground — letters and parcels are delivered by rail, road and other land transport.
  2. Air — delivery of the aircraft.
  3. Combo — part of the way the administration is going on the ground, and some flies.
  4. Accelerated — reduced the delivery time for a few days.

In an internal email message aviaperelety almost not practiced. As a consequence of departure are quite long. Further, the longer. For example, the term simple letters from Ulyanovsk to Moscow to five days. Want faster? No problem! Choose first class.

Shipments of the first class is a fast-track domestic postage, delivery terms, which are 25-30% lower than normal. In addition, the handling and seizure of shipments of the first class is always a priority and their delivery is not subject to seasonal restrictions. However, they are more expensive.

In other words, shipments of the first class, delivered quickly and anywhere. The main deadlines of delivery are in the special table.

But sending first class letters and parcels. Not your parcel. And then it’s time for exceptions.

Let’s solve the problem. You need to send seeds of rare plants to his uncle-the Forester. But in the autumn of his way to taiga village blurs so that the only available transport — a helicopter. It arrives every week. Question: how to get uncle seeds, without waiting for winter, when over the roads? Solution: ask the employee to apply for a mail parcel post first class. Uncle will get seeds from the first helicopter.

First class should not be confused with EMS shipping.

EMS (Express Mail Service) — a service for Express delivery shipments. It deals with the branch of «Mail of Russia» — service EMS Russian Post. Domestic Express shipping is carried out throughout the country and the international acts in more than 190 countries around the world.

EMS is the shipping from door to door. The courier will collect the parcel directly from your home or office and deliver to anywhere. EMS Russian Post has its own transport network, they ensure safety and provide the opportunity to insure the shipment against damage or loss. Express shipping is more expensive expedited shipment.

How to determine the value

The shipping cost is influenced by:

  1. The form of departure: the letter/parcel/package; customized/precious/simple/cod.
  2. Delivery method: normal or accelerated.
  3. Value.
  4. Distance.
  5. Weight.

In the case of registered parcel fee is only for the weight, the distance in price is not affected. The cost of registered mail and other valuable items, depends on distance, weight and amount of assessment plus 4%. So, if you rate a package of one hundred rubles, then to the fare for the distance and weight will add another four of the ruble.

Passport and other documents are sent only valuable letters (parcels) with a mandatory description of the attachment.

The amount of the assessment, the senders often deliberately understate. If there is no difference, why pay more? But the difference is still there. When the parcel is lost, the sender kompensiruet the amount of the assessment, regardless of the real value of investments. One hundred rubles, one hundred rubles.

How about you have to pay when sending something within the country, you can find out by using the calculator of «Mail of Russia».

No quarrel if the operator will call another sum on a whim. The calculator does not take into account regional peculiarities of shipment the cost of packing and other additional services (more about them below). I don’t think you «cheated»: the calculation of shipping costs is made by the computer, where the operator enters all the necessary parameters.

How to send

Step 1. Determined by the type of shipment

Parcel or small packet? Certified or registered? Regular or Express shipping?

To dance is what you want to send. Be careful, some items are prohibited by individuals. Here is the list. For example, send to a friend in a nearby town humidor with Cuban cigars, no problem. And the same set of other abroad anymore.

Step 2. Prepare

Parcels sent to Russia without inventory investments, you can collect at home to put things in a box, to shift their pupyrchatoy film. At the post office checked everything, glued the package signature Scotch and put down the details. If you want to write a description about the package it is better not to care. Convenient to collect the parcel directly at the post office: all the same, the operator will carefully review each attachment and enter it in the description.

Sending fragile, breakable items, you can further protect. Ask the employee to put on the parcel label «Caution!». Then the rules must be carefully Packed and passed from hand to hand, without throwing. Preservation will have to pay plus 30%.

Very important correctly to write the address of the recipient. How to fill out the form «where/who», please click here.

Packaging, filling out cover forms, such as customs, preparation of inventories, investments, writing addresses and writing are additional services. They are paid separately and are not available in all post offices.

In other words, the operator is not obliged for you to write the address or to fill out a customs Declaration. If you can’t do it yourself, will help you, but will have to pay.

How to track

The movement of registered mail can be monitored. In the international message for this is the track codes in the internal — 14-character identifier.

It is a check that is issued in the mail. By entering the ID into the form on the website, you can know where is the parcel.

the program of Mail of Russia

Track postal items, and using the program «Mail of Russia». Yes, they have an app!

download Mail of Russia

The app is quite convenient. At any time you find out where the parcel is, and if its status changes («Left sorting center», «Received»), the app zooms. You can also find the nearest post office, to find out the index on the address and even communicate with customer support! There is also a «unique service for residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg. But more on that later.

«Mail of Russia» there is another service about which few people know. This SMS-the notice of receipt of registered mail or delivery. To connect this service, you need to fill in the mail a statement indicating your phone number. The cost of one SMS — 10 rubles. The service can be paid upon delivery. Fly in the ointment — a one-time service.

How to

Step 1. Get the message

If your name and address will receive the registered mail, you will be informed. In your Inbox will drop a piece of paper with good news messages. From this it becomes clear what kind of shipment you sent, when, where, and how much it weighs.

Messages are primary and secondary. The primary is discharged, usually the day after admission assumptions (take for example, this type of departure). That is, if the parcel was sent 1st, then the notification is likely to write the 2nd number. This is due to the fact that correspondence in the office is usually after dinner and its processing takes time.

Since the discharge of the primary notice the countdown begins, during which the recipient must pick up the package. It is five working days. If for some reason you are not enough and you do not pick up the parcel (was traveling, got sick, had no time), then your name will write the secondary notice. It happens also that people did not come because they did not receive the primary message. After all, it can fall out of the mailbox, it can steal, it can go unnoticed, sticking to the wall of the box.

If you pick up the parcel on the day of receiving the secondary notification or the next morning, then storage charges will not be charged. But if appear only the 15th or the 22nd, you will have to pay 5 rubles for each day of «downtime».

Step 2. Go to the post office

The recipient must complete the reverse side of the notice, and specify your passport data, the name and putting a number and signature. In the mail you will need to present a document and a passport.

By law, the main document certifying the identity of the citizen of the Russian Federation on the territory of Russia is the passport (the birth certificate). Equal legal power has the temporary ID of a citizen of the Russian Federation (the form № 2-P). Passport, driving license, record book, pension certificate, etc. are not documents of identity.

The postmaster will verify the correctness of the notification to the passport data. Then bring the parcel, I will consider it if you (acceptable error — 70 grams) and will be awarded.

Many people mistakenly believe that can open the parcel and if something inside is damaged, immediately claim damages. De jure to open the parcel at the post office can have two cases:

  1. Package list of contents. In this case, the operator with the consent of the client must open the box and check whether all the items in place.
  2. Broken outer shell. If there is «evidence of hacking», you can ask to open the parcel. In this case invited the head of the post office and prepared a special act. If it turns out that the package lacks something, begins an investigation.

Write a power of attorney

To register mail you in person or by proxy. But, of course, just on the parcel will not give up, even if it was your wife/mother/son, and even if they come with your passport. Need a power of attorney.

The power of attorney must be in writing. Write: «I, so-and-so, living there, the data of the passport, such a trusted a living there, the data of the passport-such to of registered mail coming in on my name.»

It is better to write it «registered mail». If you specify the parcel, small packet or letter will not give, and authorization will come actually disposable.

The power of attorney must be notarized. A notary to go is not necessarily! To certify the power of attorney to receive mailings possible at the place of work or study, the place of treatment. It is important that the document crowned the main seal of the institution (organization) and endorsed the signature by decryption. A power of attorney for certificates» and with the stroke of some accountant won’t cut it.

And bring home?

People who value their time and hate lines, you can use this paid service of «Mail of Russia» as home delivery. You have two options.

  • Delivery of small packages. If the package weighs less than two pounds, you can call the number listed in the ad, and order delivery. The presentation is carried out during working hours of the postman to the address indicated on the shipment. The recipient must present a passport. The service costs 100 roubles.
  • Delivery of a parcel courier. Remember, we said that the residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg who use the application «Mail of Russia», has the privilege? So, with this program, they can order a courier (!) the delivery of the parcel. Delivery is carried out within two days from the date of the application (daily from 9:00 to 20:00). Handed the parcel to the addressee upon presentation of a passport. The service costs 199 rubles.

I’m going to complain!

We already wrote about in on what to do if the package came with defects, and if the mail lost parcel. Article a full read, do not be lazy. Today we will tell you how to complain to the postmaster if he, for example, was rude to you (Oh the horror!) or provided services in an improper manner.

Method # 1

Every post office has a book of applications and proposals. You can safely roll the slander right there. According to the rules of this book shall be checked daily. When a new recording is made a copy and sent to the control and reference service of «Mail of Russia». A responsible person writes the explanatory statement.

Method # 2

Contact control help Desk directly. The control and reference service of «Mail of Russia» considers appeals of the citizens, provides background information involved in tracing of postal items. Phone: 8-800-2005-888. Email:

A little advice: before you write a complaint, remember that on the other side is a man with a very enviable salary. But if your rights were indeed violated, be sure to defend them!

Have a great joke about the «Mail of Russia». But not reaching.

«Mail of Russia» is more than just an organization. No one denies that there are problems. Big problem. But before you blame the mail, try to make friends with her. As you can see, the rules there simple. Will learn and be able to save time, money and nerves.

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