«Yandex.Translator» learned to translate text from photos

Users domestic competitor Google Translate can now recognise and translate text directly from photos. The novelty has already supported 11 languages and translates to any of the available service.

To implement this functionality «Yandex» managed thanks to its own algorithm for optical character recognition, which was previously used in «Yandex.Drive» to locate images with the desired text. The product works in online and offline mode. To perform the translation without having access to the Internet, you should download the desired dictionary. «Yandex.Interpreter» recognizes texts in 11 languages — English, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, French and Czech, and translates to any of the 46 languages supported by the service.

Yandex Translator

In addition to the iOS application, the same functionality is received and the mobile browser version of «Yandex.Of the translator». You can translate both words and paragraphs of text. Recall that Google Translate learned to erase language barriers in a similar way back in January of this year. In both cases, you can choose image from gallery and snapshot program. Among the obvious advantages of the new functionality over conventional text input — automatic application unique to each language of symbols.

Updated «Yandex.Translator» free download in the App Store, and versions for Android devices, the company has not remember.

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