Why not everyone can succeed?

Why good and hardworking people do not achieve success? When answering this question, you are closer to success, to wealth, brilliant career exactly 50 percent. Well, really, today, a huge number of good people looking, thinking, ambitious, attending trainings, webinars, seminars, but success did not achieve. Now let’s answer why.

There are two reasons. And in order to better understand the first reason, we compare the success in sports to achieve success in life. Moreover, sport is a perfect model of life. And let’s imagine … That in your country, in your city, once a month comes the famous sports coach. People pay him big money. Two days he trains them in athletes and rides.

In a month or in two weeks comes the next famous coach and again coach them 2 or 3 days for everyone to become Olympic Champions. Now let us reply, or have at least 1 chance for those athletes who train once a month? Let even the most famous trainer for the most money. Blowing, once in two weeks … has at least one chance to become Olympic Champions? Well, obviously not!

So, make the first conclusion: if we are in sports it is impossible, in such schedule of training to become an Olympic champion, in life and even more so. Why? But because life is more complicated sports. Well, first, competition more … Billions of people today are competing with each other for a place under the sun. And, secondly, in life the rules are constantly changing. Here we are with the morning I woke up, got started, and by the evening has changed all the rules. That’s why in order to in life to succeed, we need a daily intellectual exercise, and, with the intelligence trainer. Other options today, just no!

The second reason why so many good thinking people today do not succeed — is trying to buy the secrets of success. Well, there is this erroneous idea today: «I will go to the famous speaker, for example, Tony Robbins or big Tracy I’ll pay him $ 1000 and buy him some secret of success and become rich.» It doesn’t work! Of course, it is beneficial to the speakers, coach. They earn something, believe me, a lot of money. But it is absolutely useless for students, for those participants of webinars or workshops that paid the money. Why? Yes all is very simple. Unable to see for yourself!

Buy 10 of the coolest books on success and start to read them. Thoughtfully, with a pencil … And already in the fifth book you will know what they’re all about the same. Because about a hundred years ago, Napoleon hill wrote the book «Think and grow rich». This is the first book in the world for success. He wrote her 17 years, took 500 interviews … All other books say the same thing, it «re-recording». Just written in other words, with other examples. So, the first factor, the first rule — you need a smart constant daily exercise. And, of course, intellect-trainer. In sports without a coach you will be able to succeed? No! And in life!

The second rule is, of course, is a constant development. Constantly need to take something new. Constantly, every day, to seek out new information, new knowledge, because we live in a huge acceleration, we live in a tremendous acceleration. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Right? But we know that those who are intellectually trained daily with the coach, tomorrow will be the first!

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