Why albert Einstein was a great lithakia

In this article are 10 incredibly instructive lessons from albert Einstein which will inspire you.

Some time ago I installed on iPad the application «Quotes Einstein every day.» Turning to his wisdom, I never cease to be surprised by the scale of this incredible personality in the history of mankind. Imagine this albert, who bad studied at the first opportunity left the school, articulated his theory in his spare time and received the Nobel prize for his contribution to theoretical physics. One word — wow!

Albert Einstein

It is a pity that during my study at physical-mathematical Lyceum haven’t told me everything that I discovered about this unique personality for the last time. Below I want to share the awesome lessons that gave me this scientist.

1. Follow your curiosity

I don’t have any special talent. I’m just curious as passion.

Albert Einstein

What makes you the most interest? For example, I interested in serial entrepreneurship and the principles of creating successful companies. I can read for hours. Over time, my curiosity turned into a few online companies and the decision to leave the salaried sector. One day sow the seeds of curiosity, I raised him from a big tree, in whose shadow I want to be.

2. Be persistent

It’s not because I’m so smart. This is all due to the fact that I can’t give up when solving a problem.

Remember how persistent you in solving important problems. Are you ready to go to the last until you reach your goal? To achieve what is intended, and not to give up in case of failure is probably one of the most important features of a successful person. Even if reaching your goal requires a lot of time will certainly start today.

3. Appreciate the moment

Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss enough attention.

Albert Einstein

Think about how something little hands can cut the ground from under your feet. The working day ended, and all you can think about it. You walk down the street and not notice the salute; an incredibly delicious dish that you have prepared beloved man, to be swallowed in between and so on. Tomorrow you will decide my problem, but how to regain today? How to turn back time? Try to learn to appreciate the wonderful moments and disconnect from everything unimportant.

4. Imagination powerfully

Imagination is everything. It is able to show us how events will unfold. Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Albert Einstein

Steve jobs introduced Apple and its gadgets today there is nothing. Lee Kuan yew (Lee Kuan Yew) has created a superpower Singapore when in addition to trees and monkeys there was nothing there. Einstein imagined that modern physics does not solve global problems, and they came to their decision. All of these people and hundreds of thousands of others were imagining what they wanted to come. If you are carrying superguppy the project plan, most likely, opinion leaders of our time are with you than those who you criticize.

5. Make the mistake

The man who never made mistakes never tried anything new.

Albert Einstein

Never be afraid to make mistakes. Error and failure are two different things. Errors can you to do better, smarter and faster, if you properly learn the lessons that you have been given. Discover the power of making mistakes. If you want to succeed, triple the amount you have committed mistakes.

6. Are here and now

I never think about the future, it begins here and now.

Albert Einstein

You can’t change tomorrow or yesterday. The only thing that matters is what you do today.

7. Be significant

You should strive to be meaningful and not successful.

Albert Einstein

Focus your attention on creating value, not of success. Creating value for others, you will attract success.

Try to understand what talents and abilities do you possess that get you best. Try to direct these qualities into the mainstream of value creation, and you will definitely see positive results.

8. Do not change your approach — stupidity

Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results.

Albert Einstein

It is really so. A simple example from life: I try to lose weight. For some reason, it seems that in order to lose weight, I should eat less — I exhaust myself with stupid diets, my energy drops to the level of the floor, the result of this sacrifice is minimal, and I think it’s all nonsense. And so happens quite often: as soon as I’m annoyed at myself, I start drinking tea for weight loss is half a bucket less, and all this with zero result. But what if you add the sport, dietary advice (no spare money), correct day regimen and nutrition, and ultimately at much less effort will give a cool result.

9. Knowledge comes from experience

Information in its purest form is not knowledge. The real data source is experience.

Albert Einstein

You can read hundreds of books about business, but without trying to create his first company, you will not learn. Experience is one of the most important of your assets that grows with the years.

10. Understand the rules and win

You should learn the rules of the game. And then you will play like no other.

Albert Einstein

As if this stupid and naive sounds, you need to understand and grasp the rules of the game in a particular area. Your next step: give yourself a promise to play better than others. If you do these two things, then success will be on your side.

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