Where to get new ideas?

new ideas

For those who want to find and implement new ideas to solve specific problems, offer advice, thanks to which you will start receiving ideas. Importantly, estigate to catch them!

1. Always be ready. Even when you’re in the shower, eat, read, drive, work, talk, play with children. Always be open to new ideas and they to you will come.

2. Carry a Notepad. Carry your notebook everywhere. At any time you can come to a new great idea, but in the evening you can forget. Don’t waste your chance, bring any ideas in your notebook.

3. Keep a list. Create an electronic document in which you want to list all of your ideas. When you need an idea for a new article or something else, you will easily be able to find it by opening this list.

4. Make. If you need to deal with the problem, but you can’t find a solution, then just start to gradually change the situation. Often people encountered problems when you can just give up and start to feel sorry for yourself and destiny. Don’t be like that. Each situation has a way out. Even if you don’t see how to get out of this situation, then start making at least some steps and soon you will come to the idea how to deal with the situation.

5. Read more. Now more than ever in the world a lot of information. Read new and old magazines, books, view websites. Reading is one of the best ways to find new ideas.

6. Find inspiration. You can find inspiration from many sources, including other websites, from friends and family, from life itself. Sometimes the idea may be completely unrelated to the source of your inspiration, but most importantly, it can provide impetus to new ideas.

7. Listen. A good way of getting ideas, hearing other people. Sometimes, we are so addicted to conversation, what we hear myself. When talking to someone, try to talk less, try to listen more. Don’t wait when the other person will finish the sentence and you will be able to insert their word. Not for nothing is written in the Bible about people that have ears but cannot hear, have eyes but do not see.

8. Analyze the ideas of others. You can’t create a new idea? Nothing to worry about. The world is full of ideas that you can try to study and analyze, creating on its basis the idea. Do not have to invent something new. Try to change and improve by other.

9. Examine your life. Spend a little time to look at your life and your actions. Take a look at the past, present, future. What are you doing? Where are you going? Who are you? Why is all this necessary? What is important? What you want to achieve? What you are doing — good and evil? Ask yourself these and similar questions. Such analysis can lead you to ten new ideas. And can you show that it is not necessary to spend time and effort to this task.

10. Step away from the usual. Sometimes, if you go home the same route every day, you should try to change this route, even if it takes a little more time. Change your usual actions. Try to visit new sites, read new authors, mingle with new people. Go beyond your familiar territory, looking for new ideas in new places.

11. Ask around. Ask a friend or colleague about your problem. They can see what you can’t see you. Sometimes their answers may lead you to a new idea. Avoid to get more than three people talking about your ideas at the same time, this will be a lot of noise and little sense.

12. Forums. As in some of the above points, online forums can be good places for ideas. Find forums for the relevant topic and start to view them.

13. Ask. If you have a website, and the time has come when the ideas have dried up or needs new sources of new ideas, ask your readers to help you with this.

14. A coffee stand. When you go to a book store or any supermarket, spend a little time at the magazine rack. Not necessarily even read the article. In search of new ideas you can is enough to see headings and pictures to articles.

15. Look deep into yourself. It’s hard. This is similar to the «Examine your life», but it’s a deeper look at yourself. Try to sit down in a quiet place, relax, close your eyes and look inside yourself. Stay a little in silence and tranquility, stop the flow of thoughts in my head. So you can find the valuable ideas.

16. Take inspiration from nature. Pay attention to the surrounding nature. It is more perfect than anything created by the people. Look at nature around you and draw inspiration there.

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