What you need to forget for success

Great happiness in our life, which is Merited not all — to find myself. You must know what you really want, define what you want to strive for, what you want to achieve, which direction best suits you. Do not chase someone else’s happiness. What makes happy another person can make you happy. Everyone has their own priorities. For someone in the family is important, and for someone — career. Someone is planning to devote his life to art and who entertainment. Do not stop there. Look for yourself.


Refrain from bad company, and people that negatively affect you

You need to grow up. If the basket full of juicy apples will be rotten fruit, eventually it will rot and infect other apples. If you communicate with those who will negatively influence you, soon you will abandon your ideas and desires, and will be on the same level with these people. Success causes the envy. She encourages people to pull you down, because not all have the will power to grow with you.

Never give up

Even if it is difficult. Even when everything is telling you to abandon your goal. Do not think that you are not strong enough. If you believe in yourself even when everyone stop believing in you, you all must succeed. Dreams are worth trying. Roads do not happen without mistakes. All your mistakes are just life experience. The main battle that you have to win the battle with yourself. Your whole life is full of overcoming obstacles, decision making, choice, action, step by step you are moving toward the fulfillment of your dreams, the sacred desires.

Stop control

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow. You will never be able to control every little thing that happens in your life. Sometimes circumstances are not in your face — suck it up. Allow yourself to relax and enjoy what is happening with you. When you can’t change the situation, just change the attitude. You will never know exactly what will happen in the future. You will never be able to control everything that happens to you. Deal with it.

We have to live here and now

Get the most from today. Don’t wait for tomorrow to start. The best moment when to start a new life, is the moment. Right now you have to do everything I dreamed of: to quit, to start reading an interesting book, to buy a car. Do not think that your life is still ahead, and you’ll have time to do in the future. Your future could end in a few hours. What will remain after you? What you will say? What do you think of before you die? About what you have done or on the list of invented excuses that you have not achieved success?

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