What you can do for 30 minutes a day

You brush your teeth every day? And the dream project you work every day? No? Sometimes?

Your teeth will amaze tooth decay if you don’t regularly groom them, and the same will happen with your idea.

The idea requires attention!

Just give her a little time in your day. Maybe just 30 minutes. 30 minutes of pure, uninterrupted attention. You want to make your idea a reality, well, at least that was some progress?

to get the 30 minutes

Then remember the simple equation:

(Focused energy + n minutes) * once daily = the idea becomes more real

The process is very logical and simple. So why is it so difficult for us to implement our ideas? After all, the trick lies in discipline.

It’s like as if you had a trip to the mountains — a turn back to the beginning. Not because I do not understand what to do is easy. But because of the mountains, scaring them. And they allow your imagination to frighten them even more slippery slopes or encounters with wild animals. And much more comfortable to stay down at the foot of the mountain and look up.

But you don’t really need to think about what is waiting for you when promoting to the top route for travelers constructed in such a way that you don’t have to worry about how to go. All you need to do is to start moving up.

For the idea it means to focus.

And there is only one strategy for solving this problem — discipline. Discipline will ensure focus, which will subsequently ensure the realization of ideas.

Try. You can discipline yourself, create a similar todo-list:

To brush my teeth.

Think about your idea for a 30 minutes.

Here is a list of tasks for tomorrow. As soon as the deal is done — are deleted from the list. Everything else that you will do that day, isn’t important. But these two points you should train to perform.

Not need to take the day off tomorrow to spend time thinking about ideas. Do whatever you have planned. But remember that the day will not be successful if you do not complete these two items.

If you follow the instructions, you will very soon see progress in the movement toward the realization of your ideas. And you will want to do this step every day. And let you will see quite tiny progress every day, but after a few days it will add up to one big step.

Remember that no mountain can’t stop you!

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