What is the secret of success?

the secret of success

What’s it all about? Each has its own vital priorities: love, health, work, wealth, family… they Say that everything is relative. Well, let’s compare.

For example, consider the situation of two families-neighbors, both home, work, love, children. But the degree of coloring of these «States» are different: one a mansion, the position of the head, wife and passion as in the early days of exploring, relax in the Bahamas, children learn at a prestigious school. And another Studio apartment, the position of an employee (living on a salary), love is a habit, children are not encouraging success in school, vacation in the village… Who is successful? Who in life is accompanied by luck? Why so unfair? Yes, because one of life lucky, their loves, lady Luck, is jealously think the pessimists, swallowing disappointment. Isn’t it better to think about what makes sense: success is selective. Think about the essence of the last sentence. Of course, a pessimist would explain it this way: «One – all, while others – nothing,» and the answer is the optimist will be like this: «One – all, while others – the rest!»

Who among the chosen? Success does not like offended vozmuschalas, joyless pessimists, insecure whiners. He is not in a hurry, because it feels comfortable in the company of a confident, cheerful, brave and persistent individuals. No matter: you’re a politician or an ordinary worker, divinely beautiful or not. Success chooses the people who create around themselves a bright aura and positive, not gloomy unhappy territory.

How to create the ground to attract success? Say: not everyone? Object: given to all equally, like a mathematical problem, the solution of which has a different formula. Some solve problems quickly and accurately, other – long walk around the Bush, but still achieve results, and still jumps down from the start, justifying himself: it is very difficult, almost impossible, too little of this, but if it were me… just that «I wish…» we create our own obstacles to success. It is better that the barrier is replaced by a confident «that’s when I…».

And yet: what is the formula for success? Everyone has their own, but the initial step will be knowledge, experience, diligence, and mandatory conditions — persistence, patience, faith. We have to realize to achieve success, often need something to overcome yourself, which is not easy. But, regardless of the «value» of success, it is still necessary to appreciate that he was comfortable with us.

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