What is procrastination and how to get rid of it

Procrastination is the human condition, which he always postpones the execution of unpleasant tasks. He may well realize that this behavior will bring him further trouble, but still continues to do trifling business.


Consider the following example. The student must write the diploma. He turns on his laptop and goes to the kitchen to make some coffee but discovers that his favorite drink was finished — have to go to the store! Finally, our student returns home, prepares himself a coffee, sits down at the laptop, launches the browser, and then he wanted to check if he wrote to anybody on social networks. There he began to correspond with friends, in parallel, reading the news online, and then discovers that his coffee is cold and was tasteless — you need to prepare a new, and at the same time and to smoke does not interfere. So the day passed, and the diploma was not advanced a single step. Instead of a couple of hours to write a significant amount of research, the student chose to spend the day doing petty occupation and delaying the start of work.

So, procrastination is the consumption of time on trivial activities — you seem to be busy, but not what it should be.

Procrastinatory easily able to explain his behavior — for example, it is easier to work when all the deadlines long gone, or they may not let work occupy a significant part of their lives. Each procrastinatory is an individual justification.

Procrastination is common to many of us, we all sometimes unconsciously postpone the performance of their duties. But when such unproductive behavior becomes our second nature, run into serious problems.

Western psychologists have found that about 20% of adults are chronic procrastinators. However, we can easily handle it, because such behaviour is acquired and not hereditary.

Why become procrastinators?

Next, we consider the reasons why people become procrastinators:

  1. The thing that needs to be done, does not cause procrastinatory nothing but boredom.
  2. Man wants to achieve an ideal result and what is not is perfect, he cannot allow this. The result of looping on the little things leads to the fact that all terms of the job coming to an end, and it never completed.
  3. A person is not able to prioritize and properly organize your work.
  4. Life goals for him remained uncertain, with the result that he has persistent doubts about their activities, and sometimes depressed.
  5. Finally, the procrastinator can constantly procrastinating because of my fears. For example, he is afraid that the case will bring into his life a serious change, or afraid of failure.

What causes procrastination?

  1. Chronic procrastinator often have serious health problems. When time to work, there is very little, they start to make a huge effort to be on time. As a result, these people, there is emotional tension, problems with sleep and diet.
  2. Procrastinatory may feel stress and guilt over their behavior, their performance is significantly reduced, and others may be in sharp form to Express our dissatisfaction. After all, it’s not uncommon for these people disrupted the whole team. Further procrastination can only increase, therefore, to begin to deal with such behavior as soon as possible.

How to get rid of procrastination

  1. First, you need to be aware of the problems — the only way getting rid of procrastination will be successful.
  2. The right approach to the work. If the task is large, break it into several parts. After each successfully completed part of the reward yourself and start a little rest.
  3. Learn how to correctly manage your time to improve productivity and performance. Planning also affects your personal productivity. If the person is organized, that every minute of his work performance.
  4. In the presence of a business, which you always strive to procrastinate, think, what’s so unpleasant. So it will become much easier to decide what to do with them — or try to cope on their own, or to transfer part of their execution to his assistants.
  5. Can use a psychological trick: replace the words «I should» to «I want to do it.»
  6. Fill your life with positive emotions, and then to cope with the daily responsibilities will become much easier.
  7. If you feel like doing anything, but not business, make a complete break. Go outside, have a good rest, and only then, get back to work. It will be much more effective than if you were doing all day on these worthless things and felt at the end of the day fatigue.
  8. Constantly develop will power — for example, do morning exercises and never take time off from exercise.

To get rid of the procrastination is easy — just be aware of the need to get rid of this problem and begin to act!

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