What 5 things can take away your energy?

lack of energy

Almost every day at work is rich, because in the workplace we face many challenges that must be overcome. At the end of the day just want to go home and not to do. It seems quite natural desire to recover after a stressful day. However, we all have the one friend who remained vigorous until the end of the evening, even after work. The secret of this phenomenon is simple. It is important to limit the factors that take away your power. This will help to remain fresh and inspired much longer.

Of course, you need to understand what factors negatively affect your performance.

1. Long decision-making

Typically, the first solutions are the most correct. This can be explained by the fact that in the beginning of our activities, our intentions have the greatest potential. Therefore, it is likely that your initial plan is most effective. So do not waste too much time planning. It is better to go to solving your problems. That is, get rid of the extra vibrations, because they can Rob you of energy. If the task is too complex and still requires reflection, set yourself a deadline and in a certain period of time try to decide for yourself, or cancel the job.

2. Fear of making a mistake

Everyone makes mistakes, but to go back to them from time to time is silly. It’s one thing to think about some plan, and quite another is futile thinking «what if …». Most people are afraid to make a mistake. To get rid of their fear, and pre-calculate their risks. And you can easily make mistakes, because they will no longer be unpredictable, and, therefore, to fear the effect of surprise is no longer worth it.

3. Wrong priorities

Incorrectly placed priorities force us to spend time and effort for nothing. For example, regular mail checking, social networks and so on takes from 30 minutes to days to a few hours. In the end, the answers to unimportant emails take entire concentration, and a person can not undertake the really important things. Be sure to set out 3-5 of the most important things that you will begin immediately, and after their execution, you can do what you’re wondering.

4. Active environment

Surround yourself with people who have active life position. Environment that motivates, compels to move forward. Inspiring examples can give us strength to overcome laziness and enthusiasm to undertake to achieve their goals.

5. Ignoring internal signals

It is normal to overcome their weaknesses, but thus we learn to be indifferent to internal signals «SOS». The body is always showing signs of what in the body has intensified the adverse processes. If you miss the beginning, you can face severe consequences. For example, health problems or a shattered psyche.

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