VIDEO: How to use QR codes to increase sales

Korean supermarket Emart came up with a cool way to use QR code and increased sales in the quiet lunch hours by 25%.

increase sales

Today, the QR code can be seen in almost any product. They use banks, manufacturers of toothpaste and publishers. But few people know how to use this wonderful tool correctly and not just to be accountable. In fact, many codes or is so badly printed, just not scanned, or lead to it is not adapted to mobile phones sites.

Korean store Emart is similar to the American Walmart — came up with an interesting way to use this tool, thanks to which the sale in the quiet hours (from twelve to one o’clock) sales climbed 25%.

I think we have something to learn from Koreans, as I myself am a regular customer of the Korean analogue of e-bay — they know how to sell!

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