Use wisely every minute

Total lack of time – the massive problem of humanity in the XXI century. We all somewhere hurry, hurry, hurry all day to solve any problems, and as a result come home at night and see that our list of cases has not decreased. And sometimes even increased. Is it possible to become a really successful person, not knowing how to manage your time? – Hardly.

Now there are plenty of courses and trainings on «time management». Translated to English literally – «time management». To attend these courses and trainings have become very fashionable, and many people passed them. Passed, but nothing changed in my life. Why? Just because this, like everything else, you have to come yourself.

First of all, you should learn how to make to-do lists. For a day, a week, a month or what is convenient for us. I need to write all «long term» things – things that we are going to perform a very long time, but delayed, delayed and delayed for later. After that, it is worth considering if we need them.

In practice, when such deeper analysis, half of this list will be clipped by itself. Something is not true that it is not necessary that, upon closer inspection, altogether meaningless and useless. Thus, the fact that we recently pressed itself cut off.

There is an opinion that smokers should give up cigarettes in order to have more time. Certainly, Smoking is a harmful habit, but it does not prevent to create our own graphics. If we want to smoke we will have time to do it with all hands.

It is important to learn to make decisions quickly. Not to think, not to drive there-here are some thoughts, not to waste time. Almost any decision, if anything, can be corrected. But solutions that would require serious weighting in everyday life not so much.

It is important to learn not to procrastinate. If we need to write an article – we go and write. If we need to cook dinner – we go and cook. If we need to call someone – we’re calling. No «later», no «now will do that, and go…». Here you need to be categorical, we must be responsible and decisive. We either do, or forget about it, or executes it by someone else. The fourth is not given, the fourth should not be.

Once we learn how to plan your day, a clear distinction between «must» and «do not», to perform the necessary at the same moment – we’ll observe how much we have, in fact, free time. And it’s free time you can spend usefully – to develop yourself, meet friends, travel and much more.

This is our time. And only we can decide how to dispose of them. If we want to be successful, if we want to do everything – we will be successful, and we will finish it. All that is in our hands. And, as the great Coco Chanel, «so they can not be lowered».

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