Time management for young mothers

for the young mother

Every mother knows that with the advent of a little miracle, the light, the amount of free time decreases sharply, and the share of responsibilities is growing. As if the woman was not prepared for these changes, the reality exceeds expectations and over time, the constant lack of freedom is starting to bore and annoy. There was «tail» does not provide any opportunity to spare some time to care for themselves.

How to organize your time so that to have time to perform chores, to pay maximum attention to the baby and not to forget about their needs?

Let’s try to understand the intricacies of time management for young mothers

Organize the surrounding space

To one year, at least the baby is constantly under the watchful supervision in the field of view of mom, so try in each room to justify safe place to play. While you are doing some things, the kid next to you is busy with his toys. Try to arrange the items you need in the apartment so that they were always at hand, in the area of free access.

Stick to the established regime

Mode necessary for the proper development and well-being of your offspring. It is also useful for mom as a habit to Wake up, feed baby, put to sleep and do other things at the same time help you to establish a stable daily routine and bring peace of mind and confidence that you will have everything planned.

Distribute business

Farming and caring for a baby takes a lot of effort, and in this time not so much. Practice to do several things in parallel. Learn to separate the urgent and important things from the unimportant that can wait.

Transfer their obligations to others when it is possible. For example, many stores carry out the delivery of goods at home, here linen. Even grocery stores are starting to deliver products ordered through the Internet. This way you can save precious time.

In addition, it is possible and necessary to teach your baby to entertain themselves. Five-month-old toddler is quite able to take themselves a rattle for a few minutes. And the older child will be happy with finger paints and a large piece of drawing paper. 10 minutes of free time you provided!

Do not hesitate to ask for help relatives. Get fun in the Playground with moms of children the same age. Soon you will be able to replace each other at short intervals to make it run at a drugstore or nearby store, while your toddler watches a new friend.

Most importantly, you should not panic and worry for nothing. These simple tips will help you organize your day and to put in order business.

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