The secrets of success

The secrets of success

I don’t believe in secrets how to earn millions in a conspiracy of the rich against the poor. Under the secrets of success I mean not what is concealed, and the fact that neogoveidae or not emphasized. The success may not be apparent secrets for one simple reason – success is no secret, it is always exposed. To access these secrets is enough just to open the eyes.

Here are my observations about what NOT to write in books on achieving success:

The first secret of success

We are told: «the success Secrets you can learn only from successful people.»

Donald trump sells his books in millions of copies and he tries to imitate in Russia Oleg Tinkov.

The secret to study success is necessary not from what they say successful people and what they do.

There are 3 reasons:

  1. Successful people are not always aware of the main factors that made them successful. This is because they take their talents for granted. As a result, they may mistakenly place more importance on those qualities that are secondary. Usually all praised the quality of developed and humiliate innate.
  2. Often successful people say one thing and do another. In most cases, their books and speeches aimed at creating a positive image in the eyes of the public. Their words have purpose is not to teach you how to be successful and tell you how good they are. These «secrets» can turn you into a softie, which relies on confidence and trying to please everyone, while successful people from whom you learn, has built its success in pursuit of their own interests, ruthlessly suppressing the competition.
  3. Often successful people are telling the truth, but talk about what they are doing now, oblivious to the fact that led them to success earlier in their lives. To support the success and achieving it are two different things that require completely different actions.

Andrew Carnegie is the richest man in the history of mankind (not to be confused with Dale Carnegie, author of the popular book). He lived in the early 20th century when accounting for inflation, his fortune today would be more States of the richest people Bill gates no 1 and Vorenus Bapita No. 2 combined. He remember all of his beautiful words and insane amounts of money given to charity. But when he earned his millions, he did a lot of things then chose to remain silent.

Conclusion: to be successful we need to listen to successful people with caution, paying more attention to what they do, not what they say.

The second secret of success

We are told, «To be successful, we need to do what successful people do.»

Even Bogdan Titomir sang in the 90s: «Think of me, do as I do».

On many TV channels appeared under the title «success Stories» or «Study success». The magazine Caravan of stories is very popular, because unlike other publications, it is considered training.

The secret: the experience of others is often out of date.

Most likely, people who have become successful have built their success in a different time and what led them to success, then, will get you nowhere now. You’re too late.

Try to do exactly as someone’s footsteps, you will fall. In chess, try to repeat the moves of your opponent, you lose. In the advertisement, do what your competitors are doing and you lose respect in the market. Repeating someone else’s steps, you doom yourself to defeat.

In 1944, the year albert Einstein taught physics at the University of Oxford. At the final exam he gave to students that the exam that they had a year ago with the same questions. When asked: «Dr. Einstein, isn’t this the same exam that you gave them a year ago?» «I, I, I (a German), the same exam.» «How can you give the same exam to the same class?» “But I am. The answers have been others.»

Conclusion: there’s a lot more to learn the principles how to achieve success and to live in accordance with these principles, and do not try to do the same thing, what did the successful people many years ago.

The third secret of success

We say: «Live by the same principles that successful people and you too will become successful.»

In other words – successful people know better «the rules of the game» and therefore they play better. It is not so. Often they don’t just know the rules and set their own rules of the game. They tune them for yourself and play your game. Play your game, so make the most of their talents and leave the weaknesses out of the game.

The secret: know your talents and build their lives around their talents.

There is the so-called principle of the acorn. The principle of the acorn says acorn can only produce an oak, not a birch, Apple or orange. Each of us is born with inherent talents. Try to develop the talent that we have, it is hard work, which collapses like a house of cards standing in the swamp. If you stop to ask oak oranges, and will develop it as oak you get a huge powerful tree, which everyone will admire.

Michael Jordan is the best basketball player in the history of mankind has been born with the talent to «fly with the ball». After the heady success in basketball, he decided to go into baseball because I WANTED HIS FATHER, who was killed shortly before the decision of the Jordan. In baseball, Michael lost among the players. Instead of «Flying Jordan» («Air Jordan»), he became a player at number 45 in the minor leagues. Later, Michael returned to basketball to the delight of the crowd. A game in which he played Jordan returned, still is the first in Nelson (Rating the popularity of television shows in USA).

And now, when you arrive in Chicago, the first thing that greets you at the airport is not a photo of Michael with a baseball bat (Jordan-baseball) or pencil ( Jordan businessman), and a huge photo of Michael Jordan with a basketball ball.

Conclusion: know your talents and use them, even when it is not included in the plans of others, or when you have to do it alone.

In conclusion, I want to reveal another secret. The secret of success that hides in the structure and style of this article. If you notice, every unraveled the secret of success, it is only the key to the next, more obscure secret. I did this intentionally to communicate to understand one more thing – we find what we’re looking for. If you are looking for secrets, you’ll find them one by one. Secrets to no end. The more you will find secrets, the more you will have to be born in them of the issues and the stronger will be your uncertainty. Soon you’ll think that your whole life is secret from you. Secrets confuse you, paralyze your actions and lead you into a dead end.

Instead of finding other secrets to success, I urge you to act boldly and to be given their own lessons of success. These lessons will be much more useful any observations of other people. Life is the best teacher. The best success coaches know this and only send you for new lessons to this famous teacher.


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