The secrets of effective time management

time management

Every time a late project or do not have a free moment so we wish the day would last forty-eight hours. Stop. It is possible to do everything and do hundreds of cases in time. Surprised and asked how? Discover the secrets of time management, and your work and your life will begin to change for the better.

What is time management?

Is the art of time management, a set of techniques and methods aimed at improving personal efficiency. What are the main secrets of time management. You learn not only to plan and properly allocate your time, you are changing from the inside.

What you need for this?

In the first place – desire. The second step is self observation. Buy yourself a Notepad or notebook and write down all the things that you had to do during the day. If possible, specify the time you took to complete a task.

Keep such observations in the course of a week, and you will be surprised what a lot of free time wasted (browsing social networking, useless conversations on the phone discussing someone else’s personal life, viewing the primitive series).

The next step is to create a to-do list for the week and separately for each day. Of course all things cannot be predicted, but if you leave much time for unplanned events, you can avoid unnecessary worries and stress. Be sure to plan time to relax and reward yourself for small victories.

When a plan, it is very important to prioritize tasks and to seek their solution. Not razmenivayas on hundreds of small unimportant things. Try not to postpone voluminous tasks (e.g., writing a term paper) until the last moment. Remember that any elephant it is better to eat small portions than once.

In order not to be distracted by little things and always remember about the main thing, surround yourself with leaves to remind you of your goal. Get yourself a notebook where you can write inspirational quotes of great people.

Turn this notebook when you want to give up and you will immediately change your mind. With the same purpose, read motivational books, study tips and improve. Try to read every day at least half an hour. Read and implement any techniques into your life, and you will see how she begins to change for the better.

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