The road to success

Often to succeed in a particular case can be very difficult. And even if a person gives 120% of something that won’t work. Then he begins to give 150%, but the result improved slightly, but the expected effect. Then comes despair, because how is it possible to do everything right but not getting the expected result. The answer is surprisingly simple, actions are consistent, in other words, a standard action give a standard result.


In everyday life, it is possible to encounter a similar situation when the man wants one, but does not change its trajectory behavior. For example, a middle Manager wants to open a business, but still working in his previous job, as she is afraid to lose everything. Or, another common, people want to lose weight, but still continues to sit on the couch and absorb high-calorie foods. Unfortunately, the thought of going to the gym never visit.

In order to achieve something, you need to change tactics, strategy and behavior in General. You can’t do the same, and desire to obtain a different result. The current position of a person directly related to his behavior. And if it does not suit need to change their behavioral standards.

First, you need to remember the situation exactly as he expected. To figure out what and how he did, why did so, and not otherwise, and that felt at that moment when it all came together. The same sense of enthusiasm and confidence, you need to remember.

Second, analyze your strategy, not look like it with those behavioral factors that preceded the goal achievement of the past.

Thirdly, consider the purpose and all possible options to achieve it. And then, when all these options are being considered, ask yourself the question: «What resources do I have?» Choose the option to achieve the goal based on their resources.

Success never comes to those who act according to the average pattern. The secret of success is to do what has never been done before. But here, you can find pitfalls, not all actions can give concrete results. In order to know what actions can guarantee success, need to test more than one strategy of behaviour, to interview more than one person and to understand what these people have done what most can not.

Here are just successful people don’t often share their secrets of success, so you have to try and try again. And each time, getting another result, to remember what actions were brought to him. And it needs to be able to act, is constantly in motion, and keep yourself in good shape.

One American businessman in an interview, said: «I can’t give detailed instructions to achieve success for everyone, everyone has their own way, but I can give advice. Clear your day and write down what you need to do today «. Really sounds like nonsense, but beginning of his career he had done so: every night before going to sleep wrote down all the plans for the day, with it, in the first half of the day he did what he really did not like. But these things were done quickly and efficiently, he encouraged a small «vacation», the opportunity to engage in a hobby and the sooner he did, the more time he had on the hobby. The second half of the day the businessman was dedicated to the technical, as he says, moments. It is his way, he does not resemble any of the others, but that’s exactly what he found and embodied in valuable pointer to the path to success.

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