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Many wonder how some people reach great heights and achieve great success? Why some become rich and can afford it, and most people can’t significantly increase your income? If you are interested so that people become successful, then you should get acquainted with the book «the Big eight».

This book contains the results of the extensive research of successful people. In this study, Richard St. John gave 10 years of his life, he met with 500 one of the most successful people, as well as examining more than 1,000 previously published stories of success. All this information Richard thoroughly studied and identified the main factors that helped many to achieve success.

8 the main factors for success:

  1. Passion: successful people love what they do.
  2. Hard work: they are very hard working.
  3. Concentration: they focus on one thing and not on everything.
  4. The ability to overcome themselves: they are forced to act.
  5. Creativity: they give birth to new ideas.
  6. Self-improvement: they always improve themselves and their work.
  7. The ability to serve the people: they offer quality services.
  8. Persistence: they are firmly moving towards the goal.

Please note that these qualities should rather be understood as traits of successful people. It is important that they are not innate. Successful people develop them in the process. They learn to do what they love, work hard, focus on the Essentials, overcome yourself, generate ideas, samosovershenstvovaniya serve the people and strive to be persistent. And that means that you can achieve the desired success, if you will develop these qualities.

The author has divided the book into 8 sections, each of which fully reveals one of the factors listed above. You will be able to deepen our understanding of these factors, read the many useful tips and interesting stories about successful people. The book contains only the most valuable knowledge for success.

Richard John «the Big eight. The results of the most extensive research of successful people»

Book on the official website of the publishing house «Mann, Ivanov and Ferber».

List of shops in the CIS where you can buy the book.

Original title: Richard St John «The 8 Traits Successful People Have in Common. 8 to Be Great»

About the book in one sentence: one of the best books on achieving success.

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