The nature of success and conditions for success


Success begins when you agree to meet the trials and go through them. Of course, we tend to find reasons and circumstances that have become insurmountable wall in our way to success. In fact, these walls and impenetrable thickets, nothing more than our mental construction.

Walter brings about this good sentence: «Only when we have reached its limit, starts the real battle».

When the desire to drop everything already overwhelms you, this is the time when we need to be more vigilant in our fight to pass this test.

If in one sentence, the secret of success is to go to the «finish line», even if there are doubts – and whether she did this «finish». Many stay only because they do not believe that success is, because I can’t to see it within its horizons. But the horizon line is no longer a means to an end, and we all know that there, behind this line there is the beautiful sea, majestic mountains, abundant land. On the way to success many confusing horizon of life. That would not happen in your way, you have to continue.

A few rules for success:

The path to success is through many failures. If we accept this as a fact, you will be able to achieve faster success, drawing lessons from their defeats.

Forget everything you thought. Think only about yourself. None of your friends, teachers, relatives are not responsible for the outcome of your life.

Make a plan and then break it. No plan is not a dogma, changing circumstances, commitment to success consistently.

Control your vital energy. Physical exercises do not need to have a beautiful shape, but only to increase their life energy.

Constantly work on the strategy for success. Every time you need to have a very clear idea of what exactly is your success.

Think, with whom to communicate, choose your communication. Success is always expressed in the usefulness of your results to someone. Not having the proper environment, your success will be noticed.

Choose opportunities with minimal resources. If your goal is to change the world, you can just not catch.

Use the Pareto rule of 80/20. Always focus on the most important.

Be yourself, other niches are occupied

When you helplessly fall to the ground after an unsuccessful search for his niche, suddenly stumble upon a phrase here and she hits you with something soft and heavy on the head. Well, we all know that, we do all already know and does not surprise us. The problem is that we know the mind and conscious heart. And the main thing is to be yourself, and that ALL NICHES are OCCUPIED. You writhe in the ecstasy of the search, like a fly behind the glass, and niches that simply do not exist. And there’s only you in all its glory and grandeur or in the dreary stagnation. It’s someone that is wanted. But my niche is my and no dog there never will climb. I am absolutely calm about it. Maybe that’s why she is still known only to me, but others are not even aware of my existence. What someone knows, only means that you is a decoration in someone else’s world. You are, but it’s only decoration, the attribute, but not a phenomenon. Think about how to become a phenomenon. This is a very interesting problem.

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