That will help you choose the right profession?

The choice of profession

The choice of profession is an important period in the life of every person. Making it is good to think about their views on life, passions and Hobbies. To understand what exactly I want to do. Make your choice, you can move on: to go to school, get the skills, knowledge, looking for work. It takes many years and it is a pity to realize that the choice of profession was wrong.

There are numerous ways to determine their abilities. One of the best is a test of Holland’s on Prevolio. It will allow us to understand the self, to finally deal with preferences, life goals and choose the appropriate profession.

Testing is intended to:

  • high school graduates,
  • people are ready to change their profession and not wanting to make the wrong choice,
  • the selection of personnel.

The main objective of a test of Holland’s — to choose a profession appropriate for a certain person based on his psychological makeup, character, and commitment. The survey results also tell what kind of profession is contraindicated, it is better not to do.

The test covers 240 questions and takes about 25 minutes. The answers to the questions you need to give negative or positive, without thinking long about the answer.

Holland is a famous American scientist, the psychologist who developed the technique for vocational guidance of school graduates. Nowadays this technique is still relevant and helps a lot of people will be determined in life.

In many European countries a test of Holland’s applied while hiring people. It allows you to identify the personality type of the person, his professional preferences, to understand if it fits in an extended position.

a test of Holland's

Testing such types of personality:

  • Arty — bright, emotional, sensitive. A person of this type sees the beauty in the world, unconventional thinking, has independence. The most suitable activity for him — creativity. It can be: a musician, artist, Director, actor, writer, writer, architect, designer.
  • Research has rational thinking, independence and originality. People of this type are eager to learn, loves to solve problems has abstract thinking. It can be: a mathematician, physicist, astronomer.
  • Social — loves people, respects people. Good for: volunteering, charity, medicine, education, social activities.
  • Business an active person, who doesn’t like small jobs, large-scale thinking, good at solving intellectual problems, to cope with managerial roles. He can be a Manager, Director, businessman, analyst, advertising agent.
  • Systematic — it does the work of structural nature, has practicality, responsibility, diligence, serious attitude to detail, persistence, conservatism. Field of activity: marketing, accounting, programming, Economics.
  • Realistic — has stability in an emotional sense, responsibility, realistic view of the situation, ability to perform detailed work. Use any of the profession associated with particular jobs. Can be a mechanic, engineer, electrician, mechanic, driver, Builder, etc.

The accuracy of the methods of Holland high, which allows a person to make the right choices and begin to develop in the right direction. Proper vocational guidance will allow you to achieve maximum results in their chosen field of activity, become successful and happy in life.

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