Enough to be busy

Stop being busy

«Better to do nothing than to be busy doing nothing.» — Lao Tzu

Stop being busy, and your job is half done. Think about how busy we are, how often we say, «I’m so busy! It is important to me to be to be significant to be a reason.» «I need to do a million things. I never have time for anything else. I can’t slow down, because I’m so busy.»

Such thoughts are considered correct in modern society, where we need to be productive, more cultural and busy. But all this stupid game. Employment is an empty word, without meaning, is a lot of small meaningless things replaced.

Stop. Stop being busy. Just decide for yourself to stop, right now.

Half the battle is done. You just reduce the revs and you now have the ability to pay attention to what’s really important. Now your schedule is listed in order, and the list of scheduled events is empty.

It’s time to identify one or two truly important things, instead of a million. So you lost all that scatter your attention and focus on what’s really important.

That will help to get rid of eternal employment? You need to change the habitual way of thinking. Tell yourself: «I’m never busy.» Even if you somehow have to live on a schedule, you can reduce the tempo and highlight a few important things to work on them. If necessary, notify the management.

If you are in control of your business, you can get rid of all the useless work and focus on the important tasks.

It can seem overwhelming, but even just deciding to end employment, you will have already made a big step in that direction.

Now you can find time to work, which is really important. Now you will have the opportunity to be alone, to come up with something new. You can immerse yourself in meditation, to be alone with him.

Stop being busy, and your work is already half done.

«Life is nothing else than a continuous series of doing nothing .» — Jane Austen

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