Silence is the path to wealth and health


One successful man said that the secret of his health and wealth is to develop the so-called «quiet mind.»

In his pocket was a card on which is written the following great truth: «an Outstanding person is always silent and calm» (Confucius), «…in quietness and confidence be your strength» (Isaiah 30:15). «Slow to anger is better than the mighty, and owns a better conqueror of a city» (Proverbs of Solomon 16:32).

All these truths indicate that your physical strength, success, and wealth come from serenity, inner peace and confidence in the laws of life and answers your subconscious mind.

This man every morning during his lifetime claims the above-mentioned truth in your mind, repeating them slowly, calmly and with love, knowing that when they are imprinted in his subconscious, success, health and new creative ideas will come into his life. He learned that if you regularly and systematically repeating these truths, it is possible to trigger a hidden force in the depths of the subconscious.

Carlyle said: «Silence is the element in which great works are born». As Emerson said, «Let’s take a moment to hear the whispers of the gods.»

Another successful businessman finds its successful solution in business, the result of a fifteen-minute periods of silence in the morning. He turns off the attention, soothes the body, closes his eyes and reflects on the great truth that the Infinite Intelligence is in itself. He mentally claims that God directs them; what new creative ideas come to him; that the Divine Presence governs all the Affairs of this day; that God thinks, speaks and acts through him.

Then five minutes he meditates, visualizing the divine river of peace flowing through his whole being. Often, during this period of silence, in his mind suddenly born solving problems related to business and personal Affairs.

The businessman claims that he opened the world’s fastest way to get answers to a particular problem: you need to pass your request to the center of silence, knowing that the answer will come in the course of the year, although it may come and in a few days and even a week. Obviously, his subconscious mind gathers all the necessary material, and then, at a certain time, passes it to the conscious mind. Some ideas that come in times of silence are a bit. And here’s one of his fresh ideas brought him 200 thousand dollars.

One young woman, under whose leadership worked a lot of girls told me that she is the subject of endless criticism and insults, but accepts it philosophically, following the Biblical injunction: «if He Gives quietness, who then can make trouble?» (The Book Of Job 34:29). She said, «I connected with the Divine Presence inside me, and I understand that no one can hurt me, as «one with God, one with the most». Moreover, I am aware that if any girl says bad things about me, she can’t hurt me, because I know that negative thoughts and approval of others have no power. My thoughts are creative. This is the thoughts of God.»

The young woman knows that no matter what spread lies about her to others, they can’t hurt her. So all the negative out of life.

There’s this old German proverb: «a Lie is unable to go far because she has short legs.»

Your thought is creative. You are the master of your own mind, so don’t let other people affect you.

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