Signs of a workaholic


Workaholism is a serious problem that must be addressed. Of course, sometimes it helps to make a good career, but if a person is interested in only one job, he will not bring happiness neither money nor professional growth.

In order to cope with this disease, you first need to be able to recognize her.

Before you the basic signs of a workaholic:

Workaholics entirely busy work. They constantly think about her

Favorite topics of conversation for them – it colleagues, projects, deadlines, etc. They discuss them, even where it’s completely inappropriate. Workaholics no more interested: no family, no friends, no entertainment.

Many workaholics lonely because you dedicate your free time work, not personal life

They are obsessed with their career and people outside the office are not interested in them.

Workaholics do not like the rest

Vacation for them is a real misfortune. They spend it remembering the home office and left there projects.

Workaholics do not allow yourself to be sick

They go to work, even with a temperature under forty. It is easier to infect half of the colleagues and to get sick more seriously than quietly to lie down for a couple of days at home.

Workaholics neglect for the sake of everyone else

If they manage to start a family, all family dinners, parent meetings, holidays, and the holiday passes without them.

Workaholics even a vacation can turn into a job

Arriving at the party, they see every new acquaintance a potential customer or partner.

Workaholics do not distinguish between personal life and career

For them it is one. If you take in these people with their work, they have nothing left. She had everything: a way to make money, and hobby and entertainment, and the meaning of life.

Workaholics, like alcoholics deny their problems

They convince themselves that just building their career.

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