Setting goals and strategy to achieve them

When defining goals, people often concentrate not on what he does, and that’s why this action happens. For a stronger motivation, a person has to make the final result more clear and specific. Goals, serve as a kind of challenge that pushes people to make decisions and perform certain actions.

When a person has goals and objectives do not exist, that he lost the opportunity to evaluate their work and spent time with him adequately. Knowing your goals and striving for them, people concentrate their energy on the most important Affairs, it allows you to save your energy, not wasting it in vain.

A process such as setting goals and objectives is not static, over time people tend to change their preferences and desires. Well as adjustments in the goals may be related to the fact that over time the execution of a given plan became irrational or just a fixed idea turned out to be inadequate. To follow the correct direction to the desired result, you need to constantly think about what exactly we want to see as a result.

Correctly identifying your goals are not so simple, person a kind of throwing and frivolity. To facilitate such a difficult case you should use quite simple principles.

Adequate to the purpose required to meet the listed requirements:

  • precision
  • measurability
  • reachability
  • realism
  • Certainty in time

There are three phrases which reflect the aims and objectives, and reveals the three stages of the adoption goal:

  1. I want the stage of acquiring the goal
  2. What do I do now stage of analysis purpose
  3. What exactly I seek is the stage of formulating the specific purpose

Using these simple principles, setting and achieving goals will become much easier.

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Strategy to achieve the objectives

The strategy can be described as complex intellectual work, efforts and decisions aimed at optimizing the transition from current state to future achievements. If the concept to be more specifically and narrowly, to describe it will be enough just one phrase strategy to achieve the objectives, this statement could not be better and more specifically expresses the essence of the term.

Strategy gives you the opportunity to shorten the path to achieving your goals, as well as with all versions, allows you to choose the best plan of action.

The choice of a particular strategy depends on what goal you want to achieve. By and large, all purpose in a person’s life can be divided into five types:

  1. Have
  2. To be
  3. Know
  4. Apply
  5. Act

A person may seek to find a paying job, learn a new recipe, get respect from subordinates, to feel protected, etc. be able to correctly determine to which category a particular goal, and what actions should be aimed to achieve, here are the questions that help to reveal a strategy for achieving goals. The question may arise, why you need to understand to which category one or another purpose. The answer is very simple, the distribution of categories is not accidental, their location in a top-down driven by the desire to show the priority of each goal.

Relationship goals are simple, here is a simple example: you want to be a Director of the company and category goals «to be», but it is the type of the target «to have», it means that before becoming a Director you need to acquire the firm. That strategy: to save money (company money), to open firm, and then, naturally become its Director.

Or another example, you want to be a father — «to be», it needs «have» a family or at least a serious relationship, to ensure you need to «have» money. Here a strategy for achieving goals is this: to have a permanent income, raising a family, having a child — you father! The goal is achieved!

Naturally, every strategy there are failures and exceptions. To become a Director of the company is possible after obtaining a large inheritance, and the father through casual relationships, but my advice — avoid and the first and second, because without proper experience and desire, no one venture is not successful.

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