Secrets of success do not exist?

success story

And are there secrets to success that all with such enthusiasm looking for and talking about? Is there a universal rule, using which you can achieve your goals, level of success, happiness, prosperity?

If you look closely at the success stories of great people of this world, the thought occurs that such prescriptions are not.

For some, the motivation of people to become rich was their extreme poverty, they worked motivation. The other spent his childhood in prosperity, but dreamed of a private island, plane or boat – they worked motivation. The number of different parameters in the success of a prominent person is so great that to determine which one was the key, almost unreal. Everyone has their own set of talents, experience, personal qualities and initial conditions.

But a number of General laws to withdraw is still possible. For example, there are statistics that show that students who set goals, achieved 10 years after graduation, more significant results than the rest of their peers. If you look at where you started to earn money billionaires list of Forbes, there will be a variety of classes, up to selling Newspapers or collecting nuts. But, again, just repeating their experience, today we will not achieve the same results.

Is there any universal secrets of success?

Unlikely. There are other people’s experiences that you can use in order not to repeat the mistakes of others. And so each person has their own technology and experience that should be lived.

What do you think about this?

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