Rules the ladder of growth for coach

The ladder of growth — the step-by-step way of approaching the goal / outcome, the transition from a single point (sub-goal) to the next. In business, this «project plan». In this article we will look at the rules for a coach in building a staircase of growth.

the ladder of growth

The ladder of growth is primarily the relationship

Do not assume that you will go if you have no relationship! Without this, you will not move.

Openness and trusting relationships! Before we bond.

If you’re one step with the client — you encourage, celebrate. The promotion gives you the power, force, emotion, drive to the next step.

If you also have a success, you have the right one step to move forward.

Accordingly, you are in two positions — or encourage, celebrate, or go forward.

You can’t drive if there is no relationship and trust, you can’t get away from a man two steps ahead

If the person slipped on the step down

If a person slipped, slid down a step … it Happens! How conviction fits most unsuccessful coaches? — Say, or no ability, or he or she made a mistake, or «resists the client» ..

Who made a mistake? Coach!

Why? Who is responsible for compliance with the five criteria, the ladder of growth? Coach!

If the five criteria for why something did not work who made a mistake? Coach!

The most important belief in the business

Ineffective the leader, the loser believes that its customers or subordinates made mistakes, failed.

No one coach or one leader will not be so stupid or lazy.

If you are a professional coach, you have the responsibility to create winning, a huge number of them!

Magical moment No. 1

When a client slipped on the step down, relationships do not therefore lead you can’t.

What you should do before you lead a person on?

Go back and create those relationships. Or not? Accordingly, you return. YOU’re going back.

Now … What do you say? What you say doesn’t matter. Important is how you fit with some persuasion.

What belief do you need to have?

«I don’t know what mistake I made, but I apologize, was my fault.»

You do not necessarily use the same words, but you have to approach a person with such belief, because he knows that he took a step back, and he will have to wait: «right now, shoot …».

But if you walked up and said, «Sorry, I was wrong, my fault», take responsibility for the error itself, the majority of people are surprised, and then very quickly restore normal, comfortable relationship with you.

Whatever you did, most importantly, you knew who made a mistake.

And in that moment, when you see a positive calibration on his part, you understand — the client again took you by the hand. You can keep on.

But whether now the man to go to the step with which he failed? No! Why?

Here it is guys!

Magic moment No. 2

It is a miracle that makes you better! That’s the difference between losers and winners.

Most losers-coaches believe that failure teaches success. This is not so.

So what you need to do to move on?

Re-develop a list of five criteria.

One of these criteria was unsuccessful.

Alternatively, divide the step three or four. And for each be sure to develop criteria.

Remember the list?

  1. reachability
  2. short-term
  3. Low risk
  4. specific behavior
  5. Orientation to success


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