Pitfalls of the family budget

the family budget

Every family, regardless of income, can be enough problems with finances. The issue of wise management of the family budget – is a science, which depends largely on the total income of the family. It is not enough just to earn money, it is important to spend it, and create sufficient guarantees for a normal life in case of force majeure, which nobody in our world, unfortunately, not insured.

How to manage your money and provide for themselves and their children normal future

1. Planned expenditures

First we need to determine the cost, rather, to bring them into line with personal income. Do not be lazy to spend the time and calculate what part of the earned money goes to pay utility bills, products. How often and to what extent the cost of new clothes, repairs, various home appliances and equipment. Now let’s see pererastaet you earned money? If so, you will have to determine the article of the savings.

2. Saving for a «rainy day»

However carefully you have planned your budget, you’ll be able to feel relaxed as long as you live paycheck to paycheck.» If your home has enough money to spare to pay is a sure sign that we need urgently to change something. Think about how to regularly set aside at least a small amount.

Ideally, savings in your family should be at least as much so in the case of loss of sources of monetary income to provide modest accommodation for all its members for at least six months. This period is recognized enough to find a new job and get back on their feet.

Determine what part of the earned money you can regularly save. For example, let it be one-fifth or one-sixth of the amount received. Define this share, and follow the accepted rule is to set aside a certain part.

3. How to maintain and increase

When you have accumulated a sufficient amount of, sooner or later you will face the question of where to keep it. Tips you can give a lot, but all the economists and businessmen agree on one thing: do not keep all eggs in one basket». If you have accumulated a certain amount — do not keep the money at home under the pillow. It may be advisable to divide accumulated into several parts.

Part of the amount trust banks. Account opening for physical persons – a quick and simple procedure that will allow you not only regarding storage of your money, but will give a small but reliable income that at least covers inflation.

If you think you can keep all your money national currency, consider opening a Bank account. Foreign exchange transactions for individuals in modern banks include all the necessary range of services, from sharing expertise and opening the contribution of the corresponding format.

A portion of the savings it is possible to leave the house as a guarantee in case the absolutely unexpected circumstances.

Continuing to defer earnings, sooner or later, you can approach the point where the accumulated amount will be sufficient to purchase such a great guarantee of financial security as real estate. Treat carefully to this advice: not only in the world that such investment is profitable, in a family plan, it is doubly beneficial: sooner or later your children will want to live independently, and separate accommodation will be most welcome.

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